Some small progress on the subreddit

To make the subdocument a little better organized and through messages to make it more readable and filtered, which do not interest you without reading the full title, today I have started today.

It was a minor result because we realized that we did not have full permission as sub-editors' intermediaries,Which means that we can not add more users to reduce it and play with CSS and since I am the least technical person for this, we have to meet in other ways. It also means that we can not paste important messages or news that is essential for subdirect visitors to news and news events like @steemitblog or @steemitdev.
Now what you can do, the nature has been established, currently you have only 4 user flares that you can choose: minnow, dolphins, whales and visitors

For post-flares, we choose to read it easy, so I advise all those who post to adjust their will according to their will, you can choose here and if you have more recommendations Do not hesitate to tell them here in this post.
This means that when you write a submission to the subreddit you can afterwards click on "flair" under your post title and choose one of those corresponding to your post.

Here on the sidebar is where you can find user flairs to choose your own flair, more will be coming soon and made more pleasing to the eye.

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