Crypto-to-crypto Exchanges Sent Another Sign of Altcoin Season

Crypto-to-crypto Exchanges Sent Another Sign of Altcoin Season
Another doable proof of the altcoin season has emerged - the commercialism volume on crypto-to-crypto exchanges raised in Feb, outpacing December results, whereas the commercialism volume on fiat-to-crypto exchanges remained
flat, according to cryptocurrency market data provider CryptoCompare.
Their knowledge shows that fiat-to-crypto commercialism born from USD seventy three billion in December 2018 to USD sixty three billion in each Jan and Feb of this year.
Meanwhile, crypto-to-crypto commercialism looked as if it would be thriving within the last month: having born from USD 142 billion in December to USD 131 billion in Jan, it quite created
up for this drop in climb to USD 157 billion within the shortest month.

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