Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price
Buyers pushed bitcoin price above the USD 4,000 and USD 4,025 resistance levels.
BTC/USD listed to a brand new weekly high close to USD four,070 before it declined heavily.
Sellers gained momentum and pushed the price below the USD 4,000, USD 3,980 and USD 3,950 support levels. The price tested the USD 3,900 support level and later corrected higher.
BTC climbed above the USD 3,950 and USD 3,960 levels, but it is facing a strong resistance near the USD 4,000 and USD 4,010 levels.
A palmy shut on top of USD four,010 is should for more upsides.
If not, there is a risk of a fresh drop to USD 3,900.

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@openbull, будьте аккуратны!

На этот пост наложен штраф: 32.68%

Это значит, что выплаты за пост были ограничены системой.
Можете проверить здесь в reward_weight/100
сколько останется от начисленного вознаграждения

Что за штраф? За что штраф?

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24.03.2019 06:06