My Life and it’s way of living I tried.

My Life and it’s way of living I tried.


There are joys and happiness,
For one who is ready to do business.
Do thy work regularly,
With all vigour and fitness.

The world is full of wonders,
We find and behold it so,
When ever we wander along,
We find no peace and calm as it Show.

Life is total sum of fixed breaths,
So we should do everything in peace.
While running the race of life,
We calm, quite and in ease.

The laws of nature never false,
They come to us in time fixed.
Days and nights passed by,
Without any hindrance mixed.

Let the life May short,
Do everything with well start.
Never stop from doing good,
Fir the best world smart.

Be good to others,
Do good to all.
Serve the poor and needy,
Either in gross or in small.

Original poem by @oodeyaa

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