O! That I were young once again,
I would get pleasure of my mother’s love.
Trying strength of opening minds,
In soft summer hours like a dove.

O! That I were trying my limbs,
To be sportive like a fawn.
In the courtyard or in the garden,
In the sight of father as warden.

Of conditions and refreshing,
In the breezy April showers.
Of playing freely with my friends,
I would fly with the blowing winds.

O! That I were people once again,
Of some mighty minds restrained.
To develop my brain and mental faculties,
Of my wisdom awarded with victories.

Great joy once rains upon me,
When I see fame in futility.
Of my visions and imaginations,
Still spawned and prevail in my vicinity.


Original poem by @oodeyaa

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Тысячи призовых!!! Китовые апы!!! Сытный крококонкурс «Новогодний костюм голосянина»! Вливайся в движ, бро аль систа!!!


26.12.2018 05:35