Book Review 01 - David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

 Welcome to the first of my weekly book reviews!

We will be starting off with one of my favorites. It was a game changer on how my whole outlook on life should be. To be honest it was my first ever complete read. I know please do not beat me over the head but I am getting a late start. I would love for people to have open discussions on any topic during the reviews or any questions!


Malcolm Gladwell has a way of writing that I could describe as masterful. He moves you with his words by writing in such a way that I believe any average human could understand, yet makes you fell more intelligent than ever before. You feel like you are living the lives of so many but then you look around and your still home!

I guess you want to know what the book is about?

David and Goliath tells us the story of a man putting a nation on his back and facing the fear that no one other person would. His name is David, David is about to take on GOLIATH! Most of us know the story, little tiny David beats the giant, overcoming all odds but did he really? Malcolm challenges our thought of how we see and understand the world. Was David actually the underdog? David was never the underdog as we see him to be. He was an archer, a man who never planned to stand toe to toe with a man of Goliath's size. Goliath was the underdog, as David got his sling up Goliath could do nothing. He was hand to hand combat!So what is Malcolm telling us? We look at these huge obstacles in life and believe we can not overcome our problems but what if our greatest disadvantages were our best advantages! David beat Goliath not because the odds were against him but because the odds were in his favor. He took his strengths, found the giant's weakness, and exposed it.

Did anything hit home?

In my life I have looked at many things backwards. What I thought was a problem was just a solution not given enough thought. I was always made to believe my love for video games and computers was not bad. I began to see disadvantages in my actions I took daily and really believed I was headed down the wrong path. After reading I know this to be completely ass hat backwards. My greatest disadvantage was listening to people who did not have my interest at heart.

Absolute must read!

If you have a thing for social science or psychology you must and I mean must pick this up. I would even be willing to offer up some steem to anyone seriously considering purchasing. Once again his words have completely changed who I am and becoming and life only seems to be getting better! I mean look at this, I am able to have free time to write reviews and still earn money. Life is going well and time to repay the favor!


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