DataBlockchain universal platform for data collection and processing


Hello everybody! Today I learned about a new project, which I really liked. It is called - its product is a platform that, together with the largest databases in the world, will concentrate in one place a convenient and effective tool for collecting and processing information.

The platform will function for its users by providing the best offers for their industry:

  1. The largest data set for private use and for companies
  2. Reducing costs associated with advertising goals for companies
  3. The maximum speed spent on collecting and processing data
  4. The most effective ways to work with databases
  5. Convenient and intuitive interface
  6. Lack of intermediaries
    …And much more!

I believe that Datablockchain has everything to become the first platform in the world in this area, because the quality and the wide range of services offered to it is very impressive!

 The main goals of the DataBlockChain project:

  1. Providing full transparency with the ability to audit data providers
  2. The ability to provide access to data sources of suppliers with monetization
  3. Building trust between data sources and end users
  4. Improving data quality, both for ordinary consumers and for businesses.
  5. Fast payment system and simple user interface.
  6. The most huge data resource with all competitive advantages.
  7. User confidence in the quality of the information received
  8. Exclusion of intermediaries and the ability to verify the information provided.

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DataBlockChain Token & ICO

The ERC-20 marker (with ERC-677 functionality) will be used under the name DBCCoin - it will be implemented in the Ethereum block chain. The platform will use smart contracts applied anonymously for transactions, payments and auditing. DBCCoin will be used for transactions on the platform and will be the basis of the reward program, as well as for reimbursement to data providers and to encourage partners through the promotion program.
Token Name: DBCCoin
Standard: erc20
Total number of tokens issued: 870,000,000
Total number of tokens for sale: 522,000,000
Total number of allocated tokens on private sale: 100,000,000
Total number of tokens allocated on the preliminary ICO: 164,058,000
Total number of tokens allocated to ICO: 257,042,000
Start pre-sale: May 27, 2018
End of pre-sale: June 21, 2018
Pre-sale price: 1 DBCCoin = 0.08 USD
Beginning of ICO: June 27, 2018
End of the ICO: July 21, 2018
ICO Price: 1 DBCCoin = 0.12 USD
Accepted Currency: ETH
Minimum investment: at the pre-sale stage - 1 ETH, at the ICO stage - 0.1 ETH
Soft cover: 10 million dollars
Hard cover: 50 million dollars

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about the project
Q4 2017 - based on
1 quarter 2018-Alpha UI, with access to Media Direct data. The initial stage of data collection.
Q2 2018-MVP * demo version. The development of an intellectual indexing mechanism. The second stage of data collection.
3rd quarter of 2018 - wallet for the development of DBCcoin.

DataBlockChain command

Meet the team of top executives in data collection and processing. These are leaders with a wealth of experience and experience in this field. Building a team's work on Blockchain technology using artificial intelligence and the most extensive amount of data makes it possible to provide its customers with the most important information under the best conditions.

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I think the project will be interesting to many, and if you have a desire, you can get acquainted with it closer to the following contacts on the site, a technical document and social networks:

White paper -
Bitcointalk AN Thread - 3361159
Telegram -
Twitter -
Facebook -
Medium - io
Reddit -
GitHub -

ETH: 0xbAB79f1dF3b52DCa8ac159A940dfcd63E3900680

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