Module - the 4th generation of development of the blockchain!

Today I want to introduce you to such a campaign as Module.
Let's think about what device is next to us every day? It's easy to guess that this is a smartphone - it fills all the important moments of our life. But the situation with smartphones has one interesting feature. About it was noticed by researchers. At least half of all memory on your smartphone is not used. Many people thought that this could be done. And the project Module solved this problem in the following way, which will be described below. In the meantime, just get acquainted with this platform.
Module is a block system that uses custom devices as a platform for placement. That is, this is the new stage of the decentralized repository. Previously, network participants who owned large processor powers, actually consolidated the power of the unit, now it is completely in the hands of the community and computer code.

The Module platform solves all problems by using free space for smartphones or PCs and, thus, allows any of them to extract even from their mobile phones. Users can also issue new coins on this platform and develop decentralized applications (DApps).
In the process of formation of the storage, the following sites are involved in the lease:

  • A verifier is a node that needs a place to store its information, in other words, a client.
  • A farmer is a node that provides free memory to host data and earns it coins.
  • Miner is a node that confirms transactions with a smart contract by creating new blocks in the chain of blocking.
  • The connecting server is located separately from the block system and is designed to connect the farmer and the verifier, monitor the network and the host, as well as store metadata and select a farm network that is based on calculating the location of the closer device.
    A method has already been developed for concealing documents written in the locker by controlling the keys of the secret access. One of the obstacles to using a block chain for processing confidential information was the fact that information about the block chain should be disclosed to the entire community of users.
    In addition, it will be very difficult for an attacker to find out to whom exactly this piece of data belongs, which he can receive and even decipher. The module allows you to store data absolutely anonymously, without leaving any personal identifiers.
    To achieve its goals, the development team conducts ICO, in order to attract investors for the development of the platform and its further promotion.
    The next announcement about Token Sale will be September 30, 2018, so hurry to take part in it.

The project team conducts the initial placement of tokens - MODL. They will be used for internal operations inside the platform.
Token: MODL (ERC-20)
Price: 1 MODL = 0.008 $
ICO: 06/21/2018 - 10/20/2018
SoftCap: $ 5,000,000
HardCap: $ 18,000,000
The module will use the ERC20 markers, which are generated by a smart contract on the ECH blockbuster.
The advantage of blocking Ethereum over the traditional way is that it is very fast, not expensive, and it is very well provided with many other functions.
This will ensure that the way to distribute rewards in the Internet traffic market will be equal, without deceiving anyone, because intermediaries are removed from the road. This, of course, is good news.

Details on the stages of the project development can be found from its road map, which is given below:
More information on all the information you can find on the project website and in Whitepaper:

Also all news about the project can be learned from the social sites of the project:
ANN Theard:
Bounty Theard:

As a result, you can say that the platform promises to provide reliability combined with a rich set of functions!
The Project Module is a new word in the field of cloud development, since it has perpetual contracts, and its coins have material security. In other words, the project developers take care of the income and security of their customers.
Join the Module. Follow the news on the official information channels. And I was happy to help you today.

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