MenaPay is the easiest payment method you have ever met!

Today I want to introduce you to such a campaign as MenaPay.
Online payment technologies are constantly increasing the pace of their development, offering their users progressive and innovative development, adapting to their preferences and business characteristics. Contactless cards, e-wallets and other modern payment solutions today have become our indispensable helpers in everyday life, proving their practicality, simplicity and wide use possibilities. The cryptoindustry began to develop just as quickly. Payments with its use today are increasingly common and become possible in many branches of human activity.
And today we can observe the integration of the most modern payment methods with the ability to make this a cryptocurrency. Such a project is MenaPay.

MenaPay is the first blockchain-based system that is fully supported in the Middle East and Africa. The goal of MenaPay is to develop websites and applications that will allow the integration of crypto payment solutions into various websites and support Arabic in the toolbar. MenaPay is able to create a new payment method that will bring more profits and incentives to its customers and traders with lower transaction costs through the use of blockchain technology.
The team is preparing the implementation of a new standard in the cryptoindustry. Within the framework of the project, P2P transaction methods will be developed; P2M (commercial payments); M2F (deals between traders and funds); there will also be access to traditional transactions and transactions.
To achieve its goals, the development team conducts ICO, in order to attract investors for the development of the platform and its further promotion.
Token Pre-Sale will start in November 2018, so hurry to take part in it.

The project team conducts the initial placement of tokens - Mpay. They will be used for internal operations within the platform.
Total Supply 400,000,000 Mpay
Token Sale 256,000,000 Mpay
Estimated ICO price $ 0.165
Target Soft-cap $ 5,000,000
Target Hard-cap $ 25,000,000
MenaPay will use ERC20 markers that are generated by a smart contract on the ETH blockchain.
The advantage of the Ethereum blockchain over the traditional way is that it is very fast, not expensive, and is very well provided with many other functions.
This will ensure that the way rewards are distributed in the Internet traffic market is equal, without deceiving anyone, because intermediaries are removed from the road. This is, of course, good news.
Details about the stages of development of the project can be found in its roadmap, which is listed below:
For more information on all the information you can find on the project website and in Whitepaper:
Also, all the news about the project can be found from the social sites of the project:
Facebook: Theard:
Bounty Theard:

As a result, we can say that the platform promises to provide reliability combined with a rich set of functions!
The MenaPay project is a new word in the field of cloud development, since it has perpetual contracts, and its coins have material security. In other words, project developers care about the revenue and security of their clients.
Join MenaPay. Follow the news on the official information channels. And I was glad to help you today.

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