Overnight deliveries? It’s very easy with the project Shipit!

It’s very complicated task to count the number of shipments that are delivered every day all over the globe. But still, it’s very likely that the sender will face the challenges related to cost-intensive services of shipment, late deliveries or high probability of loss or damage of the goods. Service of customs and post are not as perfect as desired too: many documents, lots of unnecessary procedures or the goods can be stolen just out in the open. Furthermore, quick operations and effective work are not the right words to describe them: the deliveries can be delayed in unthinkable terms. In doing so, the senders are forced to pay unreasonable duties and charges for shipment. And that is not to mention such shipment services as courier delivery, which are getting more and more expensive with each passing day.

So here’s the project Shipit founded to provide reliable, safe and low-priced shipments for customers that can be easily tracked.

The main features of Shipit are low cost, high quality of service provided, high efficiency and security assurance, what can't help being pleasant and useful for senders.

It’s also very convenient for travelers: Shipit may save your funds and make the journey both impressive and low-cost.

It’s very easy: you can ship your goods through the person, who is going to the place of your destination, if he/she is ready to help.

It’s very convenient: you can track your sending and choose anybody, who can help you with this task.

It’s secure: Shipit introduced the special systems that will guarantee the shipment without risks.

Shipit is the first and brand-new project based on smart contracts and blockchain system that can help millions of people throughout the world. Using Shipit tokens and decentralized system, the project can transcend the borders of communication, making the shipments convenient, useful and free from risks.


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