About the project,
WHIRL specifically launched its platform before the start of the ICO, so that users and potential investors could get acquainted with the product. There are many problems in crowdfunding: more than half of the campaigns fail, participants do not have time to monitor the progress of the project, there is a strong division in geography, and the audience is lost, discovering how many campaigns are carried out simultaneously. The WHIRL platform offers a completely new approach to crowdfunding.
The company helps with the creation and promotion of the campaign, while simplifying the selection of projects for investors, approving only the most relevant and reliable. To run a fundraising campaign on WHIRL, you first need to support any of the existing and active campaigns. For this, the user receives" karma " — the higher it is, the more funds the user will be able to raise for his campaign. To start your own campaign, you must have at least 500 karma points. Karma is calculated using a special formula: donation Amount in dollars x currency coefficient x campaign coefficient.
The currency ratio is calculated based on which cryptocurrency was used to support the campaigns: most of them have a ratio of 7. The list of available cryptocurrencies includes Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, bitcoin, Dash, EOS, Tether, ether, litecoin, Stellar and XRP.

But there is a better way. To Finance the campaign, you can use the internal token platform WRL or an affiliate of the token KICK — they are the coefficients 10 and 8.5, respectively. The campaign ratio is most often 1. To ensure the development of the platform, WHIRL takes a Commission of 5% from all donations. In the future, the company is considering reducing the Commission to 3%.
ICO details WRL is a service token of the ERC-20 standard created on the Ethereum platform. At the same time, the company reports that in the future it may switch to another blockchain, for example, EOS. Tocancel was launched on 25 November. The first round ends on December 14, and before that time investors can buy WRL tokens with a 20 percent bonus. The second stage will last until December 31 (15% bonus), the third — until January 19 (10% bonus), the fourth — until February 7 (5% bonus), the fifth and last — until February 27. Softcap, declared by the company, is 5 million dollars, hardcap-30 million Intermediate bars are set at 15 and 25 million dollars. After completion of the ICO, WRL tokens will be distributed within a month. The funds raised by WHIRL will be used to scale its platform to such countries as the USA, China, South Korea, Japan, India and Russia.


The team WHIRL many well-known representatives of the crypto community with extensive experience in the field of blockchain. Thus, the Executive Director of the company Anti Danilevsky is the founder of the popular crowdfunding blockchain platform KICKICO. Co-founder of WHIRL, Roel Wolfert is a specialist in the field of digital payments, as well as the chief adviser of the Bancor Network, whose cryptocurrency is in the top 100 in capitalization. In addition, Wolfert is the adviser of the UAE's largest mobile wallet Beam Wallet and biotechnological blockchain startup Genexi. The CEO and co-founder of WHIRL Martin Hekman led the creation, launch and growth of 50 large-scale enterprises in Europe, Asia and the middle East, another co-founder, Valery Zobov is known as the founder and head of MegaLine, a supplier of German engineering systems to the international market.

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