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Good day, now I will tell you about the UDAP project

Udap is a blockchain service that allows you to develop decentralized applications and tokenize any assets without writing complex smart contracts.

The team decided to make the development of smart contracts and tokenization of assets available to the average user.

And their universal wallet for accounting and management of different assets can become a powerful tool for financial management.

We’re already used to developers of new blockchain platforms or services relentlessly criticizing Ethereum for its low speed, vulnerability, and “clumsiness” of the virtual machine (EVM), which the Udap team also considers obsolete compared to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JavaScript V8.

In addition, Ethereum has a limitation regarding the programming language-only Solidity, which complicates the development of applications for inexperienced programmers.

The Udap team believes that creating smart contracts should be as simple as writing scripts (CGI) for web applications.

The team called its model Asset Oriented Programming (asset-oriented programming).

That is, by and large, developers use the traditional architecture of Internet applications, and the Udap blockchain service is used as a layer for asset tokenization, transaction assurance and dispute resolution.

Technologically, the ease of application development and operation is achieved by providing a Restful API that simplifies the architecture and improves performance (similar to the interaction of clients and servers on the Internet), as well as the wallet (Universal Asset Wallet (UAW)) for the operation and management of the life cycle of tokenized assets.

In addition, it is planned to introduce an exchange service for trading tokenized assets, which in conjunction with the UAW will enable users to store, copy, transfer, lease, sell or buy assets of third-party applications in one place. And developers will be able to focus on business logic instead of developing complex smart contracts.

Therefore, the purse, the UAW opened up massive opportunities for the management of various assets and payment of different services. For example, public utilities, suppliers if utilities decide to run your application on the basis of the Udap. Or buying movie tickets or purchasing music and movies.

Token UPX – yutiliti-token network released on Ethereum (ERC-20).
Issue – 10 billion tokens UPX.



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