Currently, most of the world's population is in social networks. People post various content there, such as texts, pictures, comments, and so on.
The users of these networks are divided into the following categories:

Experienced bloggers, photographers who create content and consider their activities an excellent income.
Ordinary users who upload high-quality content in networks, but can not monetize them.
Regular users who can't create quality content. Basically, they are passive participation in networks, and try to use other people's products (pictures, posts, comments).
However, only a small proportion of users in the first category can monetize their own publications. And all because they cooperate with certain firms and brands that promote their own services. A significant proportion of social network participants who create high-quality and popular content do not have the opportunity to earn rewards from them. On such content do not earn the creators themselves, and firms that own social networks.
Most of the participants are called "audience". These people do not create their own content, they just use networks, evaluate and comment on others, communicate with other participants. These users create the added value of networking as a kind of products

Ideology Of Monoreto

All people who fall into these categories require psychological and economic attributes.

That is, they need:

Self-realization in the creative plan.
Recognize your own talents and professional skills.
Receive through their own actions additional income.
This project is able to solve all these problems of users. The project team offers participants an innovative solution, thanks to which any user can earn. Monoreto – a special social network, which is based on blockin. Here everyone will receive generous rewards for their own unique content. How can this be done? It is very easy – the author, putting likes to the authors of pictures or video clips, will receive 5 cents (the minimum amount) in the tokens of the project.
Experienced bloggers will be able to easily join the social network of the project, thereby earning an additional salary. Users who create content and do not previously receive profit for their own merits will be able to receive income every month. Therefore, Monoreto is a project that encourages the creation of good pictures and video clips, thus giving talented participants to earn and receive motivation for future creativity.
Monoreto will collect finances for charity. After that, huskies will help save the lives of many people and fulfill their dreams. With the help of this project, users who want to implement their own business ideas will also be able to receive funding.
In addition, the project team develops a special mechanism for more comfortable use. Thanks to the future mechanism, users of the project will be able to automatically place their own content by pressing only one key. The project team understands that people who are registered in other social networks, it will be difficult to abandon these networks. Therefore, the team tries to simplify this process to the maximum, creating another value as an additional income.

What benefits will the project bring to users and companies?

Making the huskies to the published kąty networks, the us's particular content, and also to promote in the news feed of your account. More people will be able to put likes, will be higher in the tape place of his pictures.
Any user who puts a like, will be able to participate in prediction contests, win, get leading places and solid prizes.
Thanks to the project, brands and firms will also be able to move more actively. Starting to cooperate with the project, they will no longer use annoying ads. They will only have to mark their own content in a special category, so that users who participate in the forecast competition, drew attention to it. At the same time, brands and companies will be able to use ICO technology, and therefore will pay for the promotion with tokeimage.png

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