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DONOCLE - it's a lottery worldwide, which uses more than 50 types of crypto-currencies and tokens for the best fairness is achieved by a transparent method of fair raffle and prizes based on blockchain technology.
The project has implemented ODF (Open data Flow), which allows users to control and view the movement and flow of funds and goods.
it is a global LOTTO project with more than 50 kinds of coins and tokens as commodities. Users can control the transfer and flow of goods through the ODF (Open data Flow) system. Every day / week DONOCLE will have a JackPot. DONOCLE also has a unique system of AIRDROP, which is called DONOCLE POS SYSTEM. DONOCLE badges are deposited in this POS system. The first 15 days from the Deposit pass, and the tokens are automatically transferred to the AIRDROP system. DONOCLE is a token, but we have implemented a POS Solution to run AIRDROP on DONOCLE. The simple use of the DONOCLE token in the DONOCLE POS System provides regular AIRDROP for holders, and that's how THE system works. DONOCLE team believes that our real life and economy will be closely linked to the blockchain industry, and our many years of experience in the online and mobile gaming industry will make the project credible



Thanks to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, in the growing lottery industry, the developers intend to maintain leadership in the market with a more transparent and standardized system.
DONOCLE team believes that the blockchain industry will be connected with the real economy and they plan to build a stable project based on the development and operation of the lottery system, as well as on the market of online and mobile games.


DONOCLE - is online lottery that uses Bitcoins and Altline as material values.
All prefer the reliability, stability, and justice.


  • Low reliability and manipulation
  • High commission
  • Low chance of winning
  • The improved transparency with the help of blockchain technology
  • There is no fee or it is low
  • Open winning processes
  • World lottery. Building a lottery system that works on a global level, not in a single country.
  • The transparency of the system. Ensuring transparency of the online lottery winning system with the help of smart contract and blockchain technology.
  • Airdrops and donations.
    15 days after the first date, you automatically join the next airdrop.
    DONOCLE is a token with a new concept that allows you to airdrop with evidence of fairness on the basis of POS.


DGBLS is an operating system DONOCLE Lottery uniting GLOS (Global Lottery) and blockchain technology.

SmartX Blockchain Platform
The SmartX Blockchain platform is a platform that provides convenience, efficiency and popularity, which will apply the blockchain hashing algorithm to the SmartX mobile platform. This method allows you to certainly reduce costs, avoid the traditional method of creating blockchains, which depends on expensive equipment, such as a graphics processor or ASIC.
DONOCLE B System (Blockchain Donation Direct Transfer System)

DONOCLE B introduces A new donation structure system that is transparent and reliable for beneficiaries based on blockchain technology to improve the rationality of traditional donation systems.


PRE-SALE runs from 01.11.2018 - 30.11.2018. By joining now, you will receive a 50% bonus%
Then round 3 will start with an available bonus of 20%


Title: Donocle
Ticker: DDL
Platform: ERC-20 or MIB ERC-20
Total amount: 600,000,000



All DONOCLE project participants are experienced professionals in their field. More information can be found on the website: https://www.donocle.io

✅Official accounts of the DONOCLE project in social networks:

Official site: https://www.donocle.io

ВТТ: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5045134.msg46581724#msg46581724

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Donocle1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donocle/

Telegram: https://t.me/donocle1

Medium: https://medium.com/donocle

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Donocle

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