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Good day readers of my blogs, today to review I want to provide a project called Empire Hotels, which is based on Blockchain technology.


So, Empire Hotels is a platform based on Bl blockchain And has advanced features in the hotel system, in other words, this platform will provide for travelers, tourists the opportunity to book a hotel room, a distinctive feature in the project, it is a fast, simple and most importantly an easy way to check-in/check-out, then the project is able to easily support automation in the Hotel system.


The project Empire Hotels currently has a mobile application in which you can already experience the functions on Android and IOS ( available on the official website ).
The application has many features, the team of Empire Hotels has worked out every detail and will be fine-tuned to us, customers and Entrepreneurs was convenient and easy to use this platform! That’s great!

How does the platform work?

It’s very simple to get involved and increase your efficiency and profitability, project Owners will need to install the app on IOS or Android, then register and configure the profile and properties of the hotel, also assign prices and add photos with the description.
Then it’s very simple, customers who are interested in your Hotel will be able to easily view it and share with others the experience. Then they can easily place an order in Your room and use as a payment FIAT or EMPC (Empire Cash ) token.
The platform will charge a very small Commission for the transaction, because nothing is taken for the registration and that the platform will be able to exist for a long time Commission). The Commission will be different, depending on who you are, the Client or the Entrepreneur. If the Client is very small, and if the Entrepreneur — the affordable rates within.

About the road map of the Empire Hotels project.

As it is written in the main road map of the project, the team came up with and developed the idea in November 2017 and now it is thriving)
In March 2018, a Smart contract and audit was already developed, as we know it was the most important and decisive stage in the development of ICO Empire Hotels. After all, this was concluded 3 aspects:

  1. Cryptoamnesia.
  2. Numbers.
  3. Proposals.
    A more detailed process you can see in Whitepaper, which was developed in March 2018, where everything is told about the project, for example the technology of the project, the possibility of how it works, Finance and so on.
    And in June 2018 was developed a personal account and fully design and machine site. Modern technologies were used.
    Further, in January 2019, the team of the Empire Hotels project is going to hold an ICO ( Already ) during which there will be fundraising and distribution of EMPC tokens. ICO will be divided into 3 parts:
  4. Pre-ICO
  5. Phase 1
  6. Phase 2
    After the fundraising, the official release of the Empire Hotels app on Android and IOS will take place in April 2019. This application will be fully functional and will include all the functions of the application!

Thank you all! Soon there will be a second review where we will analyze the application of the project.

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