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Good day readers of my blogs, I want to tell you about the project Contents Protocol, and so that we are this project?


We all love to watch the video stream and other on the Internet and people like it! Absolutely everything people do:
✅ Watching movies
✅Watch programs on television
✅ Listen to music
✅Reading comics, novels.
✅Watch various videos.

The Contents Protocol project wants to give us the best in the world of content! In the content will only consumption of the best content, will share 2 types:
✅ Supplier (create high quality content in daily life).
✅Consumer (those who like to look and so on) .

We all know that " data "can be easily falsified, as well as clog up the plaftorms" pornographic videos, moral humiliation " and so on, and therefore the Contents Protocol wants to solve this problem! The platform will have only high-quality and best content that will be enjoyable to watch! And therefore Contents Protocol set a goal:

"Address and resolve this issue in the ecosystem and everyday life.">

Premium Content

There will be Premium content on the platform, those who don't know, people pay for it, it's also like going to a movie you pay for.
According to the statistics content on the Internet in our world is watching the progression of a marker with a large size for the last 5 years he has oicials very much! Let's look at the statistics below.

Here, now you know how fast the paid content is growing! So, we know that in our world there are many "Fraudulent platforms" that pollute the Internet ecosystem. For example: a large platform managed to pick up this trend and gained a large audience and traffic, high-quality content and they had valuable data, began to sell advertising and so on. Now, this large platform has decided to spend data on the creation of other platforms, and there is already a Scam! Even in paid content they have dirt, that is, advertising and inconvenience for consumers! Otherwise, they use this data in their own interests, and not in the interests of consumers and suppliers, because even the Supplier they do not pay for quality content - it's a shame, and may decrease the trend of Premium content.

Here's a significant project, Netflix has collected a lot of data and created a platform "house of Cards" and surpassed the market capitalization of Disney in may 2018 and thus became the largest media conglomerate in the United States. Any content provider will be able to overtake different PLATFORMS, having valuable data, which can create high-quality content and become" Popular "from" Beginners".


Contents Protocol’s Mission

Yes, you guessed it, Contents Protocol wants to solve this problem with the help of all known BLOCKCHAIN technology.
To carry out this mission with the help of Blockchain technology, the content Protocol team needs to collect a huge amount of information in the Internet content industry. To accomplish all this, content Protocol will introduce its own CPT token - thanks to which consumers will also be able to receive them for watching movies and other content.

Contents Protocol-has already collected investments, and also has a business relationship with WATCHA TV, which has an audience of 4.5 million people, as well as 600 million views! These are huge numbers!

This all dear readers of my blog! Here are links:

WEBSITE: https://contentsprotocol.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OJizH-oS8yxJgO-RPnUKJQiU45bW4I_5/view?usp=sharing
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/contents_protocol_en
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/contents_prtcl

Author: Odinokiq
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