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Mycro Jobs review ICO

Good day readers of my blog, I want to give you a project like MycroJobs — this is a new project and perfect, let’s start..

Mycro is a great idea and an amazing realization of your idea.
You provide an excellent opportunity to earn or Vice versa do not waste time on boring things that only take time and do not give you really do important things.
This gives everyone the opportunity to earn, regardless of where you are from. You will always find a job to your liking and skills. I think it’s amazing, it will help a lot of people.
Perhaps you do not know what suits you more, a large selection and a lot of opportunities will help you figure out what is best for you.
The site is very convenient, it is easy to find everything you need. If you have any questions, support will always answer them and help solve the problem.
image.png us with a new system and the possibility of easy earnings for the work done, the principle of action:

  1. You download the application Mycrojobs, then go through the standard registration procedure.
  2. You create an ad about what you need or you can find an ad for which you can get money, did some work.
  3. Get easy money.

This project also has its own token
You can create ads of any type, for example as:

  • Virtual service (online survey, assistance services, online research, write an article and so on )
  • Delivery service ( delivery service, shopping and so on )
  • Qualified services ( for example as photography, model work, lessons of something and so on )
  • Home services ( minor repairs, floor cleaning or global house cleaning and so on )

That is, you can choose what you can easily do and get easy money, as some people do not understand much and this is the main advantage in earnings, because even the service “work at home” — in our world a lot of lazy people who can not even get out, and here you can get easy money for a task.
Also, this project has its own token Mycro (MYO), you probably already wondered: “How to use it?”
It’s very simple,

  1. Shopping experience — that is, you can use this MYO token to reach the position of the job provider dashboard and this allows you to determine the size of your Commission.
  2. Get MYO from the reward pool community — for great ratings after successful jobs and creating a Mycro community
  3. MYO token can be used to pay for jobs-it’s safe and secure!









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21.12.2018 19:04

Лотерея «Фомка». Розыгрыш каждые 40 минут. Растущий Джек-пот в 300 + Голосов. Ап поста счастливчика с силой в 160 000 СГ. Цена билетика всего 0.1 Голос. Не зевай — выигрывай!


21.12.2018 19:04