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Three unusual grasshoppers / Три необычных кузнечика

This elegant poser looked like most other grasshoppers to me, but it turned out to be the increasingly rare large marsh grasshopper (Stethophyma grossum):

Olympus XZ-1, 112mm, ISO100, f6.3, 1/100s

This one is called short-winged conehead (Conocephalus dorsalis). I took this photo after an unelegant landing:

Olympus Stylus 1s, 200mm, ISO160, f8, 1/400s

The next one isn't particularly rare, but it is very big, over 3.5cm (1.4") without the wings. It's called the great green bush-cricket (Tettigonia viridissima), and it has an almost perfect colour match to the plants it sits on:

Olympus XZ-1, 112mm, ISO200, f6.3, 1/200s

Judging from this photo, they are very protective of their flowers:

Olympus XZ-1, 112mm, ISO200, f8, 1/200s

Thanks for watching!

Comments 3

Tey are like men in iron masks -) Beautiful and a bit scary -)

05.05.2017 11:02

Awesome photo for olympus. Did you use some processing?

05.05.2017 12:43

I shoot RAW, but only use basic processing.

05.05.2017 12:50