Five small moths in the same family / Пять маленьких бабочек в одной семье

These moths are all in the family of the Arctiinae. Their caterpillars are referred to as woolly bears because of their fluffiness; the Dutch name for this family is beervlinders ("bear butterflies", not: "beer butterflies" 8-).

This cute critter is called four-dotted footman (Cybosia mesomella):

Olympus XZ-1, 28mm, ISO100, f4, 1/160s

This dotted footman (Pelosia muscerda) has found a safe place to rest:

Olympus XZ-1, 28mm, ISO400, f8, 1/100s

A dingy footman (Collita griseola):

Olympus XZ-1, 28mm, ISO400, f8, 1/200s

The ruby tiger (Phragmatobia fuliginosa) is rather more fluffy:

Olympus XZ-1, 28mm, ISO100, f5.6, 1/80s

The biologists have put this one in the same family, even though it looks quite different. It is called cinnabar moth (Tyria jacobaeae):

Olympus XZ-1, 112mm, ISO200, f5.6, 1/125s

To me, that last one looks more similar to this one, the six-spot burnet (Zygaena filipendulae), but it is in the Zygaenidae family:

Olympus XZ-1, 28mm, ISO200, f8, 1/250s

Thanks for watching!

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