A Dutch pollard willow / Голландская ива

Olympus Stylus 1s, 33mm, ISO100, f8, 1/80s

I don't know how to translate "pollard willow" in English or "knotwilg" in Dutch to Russian.

It is a willow tree that is cut down every year, and the thin and strong twigs are used for brooms and basket weaving.

Is there a Russian word for such a cut willow tree? "Вырезанная ива для плетения корзин" is a bit long 8-).

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I've never heard about such willows, but who knows, may be there is some name for it 8)

21.04.2017 16:26

They are actually "mined" for their twigs every year, surely some Russian somewhere must have had the same idea 8-)?

21.04.2017 16:31

In our town, they are cut off old poplars in this way so that they do not fall their branches when the wind is strong

21.04.2017 16:34

But no use for the twigs? Anyway, I will call it a "Вырезанная ива для плетения корзин" for now. A bit long, though 8-).

21.04.2017 16:56