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A bee and a fake wasp / Пчела и поддельная оса

The insect on your left is a bee carrying a supply of pollen on its leg, the one on your right looks like a wasp, but that is just mimicry: it is a hoverfly:

Olympus Stylus 1s, 300mm, ISO160, f5.6, 1/500s

Thanks for watching!

Comments 2

Hi, I love bees and I adore honey.And the smell of dandelions is pleasant.

20.04.2017 10:52

Here are some more bees, for your viewing pleasure: /ru--fotografiya/@ocrdu/digging-bees-pchely-kopayut-golog-first-posting.

20.04.2017 11:30

Nice camera your Olympus Stylus 1s. I have Nikon D5100 fnd it's heavy a little bit -)

20.04.2017 11:48

I have bigger cameras as well, but they are too big and heavy to take everywhere, this one is on my belt always. Maybe I have become too lazy to carry too much equipment all the time ...

20.04.2017 11:52