ZANTEPAY — The multi-currency portfolio with the Cryptocurrency system

ZANTEPAY will act as an intermediary that links the card issuer, the ZANTEPAY wallet, compliance services and the crypto exchange. ZANTEPAY allows users to have a single point of access to the complex financial and technical infrastructure in a user-friendly way.


Before the advent of debit cards, we all had to go and queue up in the banking hall each time we want to make transactions and have to carry bulk money each time we want to buy anything. With debit cards it has been easy for us to make transactions at ease; we do not have to carry money about or have to queue up in banking halls for withdrawals.

The major challenge with debit cards is that each time we make transactions with it, some extra amount of money is deducted from our account as charges. For example, I just paid for my cable TV subscription with my debit card and I was charged about $3 as service charge. Sometimes, at the end of the month we get charged for debit card maintenance. You will agree with me that me that debit card actually brought ease to making transactions but at a cost.

Have you ever imagined having a debit card that enables you to make transactions and instead of you being charged for using it, you get paid every single time you make transactions with it? That will be revolutionary right? I think so too but I believe that having a cryptocurrency debit card that enables you to get paid each time you use it for transaction will be much more revolutionary. ZANTEPAY DEBIT CARD is bringing something that is entirely new to the financial industry. Let’s quickly look at how you can make a fortune from using the ZANTEPAY DEBIT CARD!


ZANTEPAY debit card is simply a debit card that enables you to spend cryptocurrencies. With the ZANTEPAY wallet, you can hold cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC and ZNX which is the platforms utility token. You can convert your BTC, ETH and LTC to ZNX on the ZANTEPAY ecosystem at no cost and use it to buy things online or even that coffee shop in your neighborhood.

Anytime you make any transactions with the ZANTEPAY card, you a given a 20% cashback on any transaction made. This means that if you spend 1000 ZNX using the ZANTEPAY debit card for example, 200 ZNX will be given to you as cash back; this means that you are making money for spending money. This is something new in the cryptocurrency industry and it will make more people to start using cryptocurrency.

I see this project as a project that is worth partnering with through its ICO that is presently ongoing. It has a great prospect and looks sustainable too. I will advise you to visit the essential links below for further information about the ZANTEPAY project.

ZantePay ZNX Token ICO
ZANTEPAY Pre-ICO has already started from the beginning of March 15, 2018, the price of the token is set at 0.05 per ZNX. Investors can purchase tokens using ETH and take a share of the znx 600 million tokens available until July 15, 201. This is only 30% of the token amount with another 600 million coins allocated for marketing activities. Another 800 million tokens go into the future development of ZANTEPAY's products, business operations and management.
IСO 15 April, 2018 - 15 July, 2018

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