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World finest Transparent And Fair Freelancer Platform

Payperblock is a freelancer platform that operates globally for blockchain experts, supported by Payb Blockchain. Payperblock is a software company. 

The goal of the platform is to offer a transparent and equitable ecosystem, whose fees are the lowest in the industry.

Payperblock will be very different from other platforms for self-employed, both centralized and decentralized. At a minimum, it is intended primarily for block specialists, so that the founders of the project can use the platform to form teams for start-ups.

 What is a value proposition?

This intends to make the independent world more reliable, organized and reliable. In PAYETBLOCK, the stored market operating structure is consciously distributed independently. One of the main goals of the company is to keep everything fair for clients and freelancers.

Determination of PAYB

To get funds to implement the Payperblock business plan, the ICO process will be used. In this approach, tokens will be distributed as a way of giving people actions in the organization. A total of $ 10 billion of "Payperblock" bonds will be printed for commercial operations on the Free Trade Platform.

Our Unique Core Values:

• At PAYPERBLOCK quality delivery and integrity are at the core of our goal. At every point in time, we treat situations and people with utmost fairness, sincerely and honesty.

• Irrespective of gender, race or other orientations, we show maximum respect for individuals and groups alike.• We pay attention to our activities to ensure that they are in conformity with all known laws that regulate how we interact with the environment. At no point shall we deliberately engage in activities that will negatively impact on the environment.

• Excellence is our watch word. We continuously strive towards attaining the needs of our clients by challenging ourselves to always improve on our products and services.

• At PAYPERBLOCK, we believe that Together Everyone Achieves Much. 

 A grand total of 10 billion Payperblock tokens will be minted for the freelancing platform business operations. Out of all the tokens minted, 45% will be made available to general public for purchase, 25% of the tokens will be reserved for the task of future development of cold storage, 15% for the development team and project advisors, and the remaining 15% for the bounty program and bonus provisions on the Payperblock platform. 

SoftCap: 1 million Dollars

HardCap: 5 million Dollars


10% Bonus

Bonus Lock-up time: 3-6 months


Week One 5%

Week Two 3%

Week Three 2%

Bonus Lock-up time: 2-3 months 



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