Using token for the internet advertising

  • Webercoin is the token that fuels the WeberHub marketplace which connects businesses to users on an easy-to-use platform rewarding them for engagement on the platform, all within an Ads network system. 
  • Using Webercoin, the primary token on the platform, as well as other widely used tokens, businesses connect with their customers better, and customers get rewarded for using the platform. 
  • WeberHub is the platform that brings them together, increasing interaction between businesses and customers, with low-cost advertising and seamless processes.

Decentralized Webercoin system is a unique market structure consisting of networks available from a variety of different technical devices. This is very convenient for both users and investors - bypassing of the centralized location allows connecting at any time and anywhere within seconds. Thanks to the decentralized nature of the system, buyers get access to a variety of low-cost offers and the ability to instantly execute a deal with a seller without unnecessary actions, with a guarantee of safety and transparency of the process. Blockchain proved itself in many successful systems, has become the basis of the decentralized Webercoin system, organizing profitable exchanges between the participants.

One distinct feature of WebAd is the location-based focus of the platform. Users will be able to see businesses in their location or a maximum distance of their choosing. This will open up more opportunities for business owners to connect with customers and potential clients that are physically close to them. 

Solution For Businesses

With Webercoin, businesses can reach customers that are more inclined to purchase from them, and at much lower advertising costs than current social media platforms, giving them increased return on their advertising investment and better relationships with their customers, impacting their bottom line positively.

Solution For Users

Users get access to a wide array of products and services in their localities and beyond, that meet their specific needs, with the opportunity to rate the businesses and get rewarded for doing so. 

Platform features:

  1. Transparency. Blockchain provides full transparency in a secure and efficient network. All transactions on the WeberHub platform use a Webercoin token, a crypto currency based on Ethereum technology.
  2. Security. WeberHub is built on the Ethereum platform, one of the safest platforms. Users do not need to worry about theft or loss of data. Confidentiality is guaranteed, and absolutely no data is sold to a third party.
  3. Effective advertising. On the WeberHub platform, business owners are rewarded for placing their ads on the platform, and users are rewarded for evaluating or recommending a business.
  4. Guaranteed reward. WeberHub platform is a digital market where business owners can satisfy the desired audience, users also have the opportunity to connect to their preferred enterprises.
  5. Refund of expenses. WeberHub users are guaranteed a good return on investment in the ads placed on the platform, and low cost of placed ads.

Token information:

Token: WBC

Platform: Ethereum

Price: 1WBC = $ 0.5

Soft cap: $ 200,000

Hard cap: $ 20,000,000

Accepted: ETH, BTC

Country: Nigeria

Restricted countries: USA, China, Korea

The roadmap:

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