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Tradelize makes yours trade operations fasteand quick!

What is a new project?

They call Tradelize your laser sword in the world of crypto currency trading. And this is an ecosystem that is designed to provide the ultimate goal to provide professional investors with a special set of tools for obtaining the best results. 

What is the goal of a company?

To lower the barriers to entry into crypto investment markets by providing tools that make crypto trading opportunities accessible to professional and mainstream users. 

What is useful in this platform?

For Traders: Tradelize.terminal is the first revolutionary. DMA (Direct Market Access) standalone software solution for crypto trading with the most innovative features from mature capital markets. Handcrafted with LOVE by traders for traders.

For investors: Tradelize.web is our one-of-a-kind environment where investors have the opportunity to follow the strategies of the top rated professional traders using Tradelize.score, a unique database and a ranking system of 100% verified performance results. Tradelize goal is to lower the barriers of entry to crypto investment markets by providing tools that make crypto-trading opportunities accessible to mainstream users.

Tradelize solution is perfectly suited for every type of participants:

•Trders – participants of cryptocurrency markets, who capitalize on crypto market volatility and inefficiencies.

•Investors – participants who hold cryptocurrency but do not yet know how to best gain a profit from it.

•Lay users – people who have heard about cryptocurrencies but have not yet tried to profit from them.

General system:


1. Tradelize is one the first to offer the beginner and lay investors the opportunity to follow every step taken by cryptomarket professionals.

2.Tradelize is the first to offer a professional trading terminal to experienced traders that trade in stocks, futures and options.

3. Tradelize is the first to create a professional social network for cryptocurrency traders, providing verified statistics database.

  1. Tradelize.web one of the strategies used by top-class professional merchants using Tradelize.score – a unique database and ranking system that contains 100% verified performance results.
  2. Tradelize mobile app, All with just a few taps on your mobile device. Easily access and easy transactions on the go. Easy and effective.
  3. Tradelize.Terminal is the first revolutionary DMA (Direct Market Access) standalone software solution with an easy and accessible interface for trading on major global cryptocurrency exchanges, providing all the liquidity the crypto economy has to offer. Handcrafted by traders for traders.

Token Name - TRADELIZE

The token for this platform is called TDZ for use as an entire platform fuel. The company's technical document explains in more detail all the steps of the ICO. The company's website also has a "road map" that will give you complete information about where the company is headed, and how long it will take to reach its goals and objectives. The project team is highly technological and always ready to answer all your questions.

Code - TDZ
Token Standard - Ethereum ERC-20
Token Sale Price - $1.00
Hardcap - $30 000 000 USD
In referral system, users can earn referral bonuses by inviting other users to Tradelize.
10% of all commissions, fees and referral bonuses generated by new users will be shared with their original inviter.


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