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For what the project will serves?

The Humbyl team has several important goals with the Humbyl platform:

- Creating a platform that is easy-to-use, unique, and safe. Humbyl aims to have at least 300,000 users within twelve months of launch.

- Building and contributing to an emerging online gaming community, bringing celebrity connections closer to their fans with collaborative events and campaigns.

- Maintaining and utilizing the HBL coin, raising its value and building trust for those who purchase the coin separately. Humbyl is dedicated to crypto enthusiasts and will provide them a secure platform to utilize their HBL coin.

**Humbyl Coin is a decentralized crypto currency Erc20 Fantasy Sports, built on the blockbuster Ethereum, which creates an online platform for sports predictors with celebrities and other players at Fantasy Sports. **

It uses the experience and opportunities of winning players in all kinds of Fantasy Sports around the world. Humbyl offers a unique experience to unify crypto and Fantasy Sports with the ability to compete with famous celebrities and athletes. The Humbyl Platform is built on privacy with pleasant, comfortable and competitive principles.


  • Humbyl offers HBL holders a Fantasy Sports mobile and web application where they can compete with fellow HBL holders and celebrities/athletes.
  • While the Fantasy Sports mobile application is free to download, Humbyl’s network will have per-contest service fees for processing its numerous contests on the mobile application.
  • While HBL will be converted to Credits for use in games, there is no fee for this conversation. Humbyl offers a website and mobile application platform that allows Fantasy Sports players to compete and communicate with each other.
  • Humbyl processes all contests on the Fantasy Sports mobile application with a fee of 5% of each dedicated contest pot. Humbyl processes all contests with celebrities and athletes on the Fantasy Sports mobile application with a fee of 8% of each contest pot.
  • The website and mobile application offer various widgets such as profile photos, private messaging to fellow fantasy sports players, selections history and a stash for the players’ credits.

Users will be able to accept the challenge from professional players, as well as play and chat with other players in major sports games, such as:

Boxing and so on.
More detail you can familiarize with the project Humbyl in the technical documentation and on the website of the platform.

Below is the comparison table of Humbyl and others sport fantasy platforms: 

Token Platform:

Currently, the most stable and popular token platform is Ethereum, the standard amongst decentralized companies utilizing blockchain cryptocurrencies. What distinguishes Ethereum from other tokens is its smart contract which contains pieces of code that can be executed in the blockchain.

The Humbyl Coin (HBL) is a utility token which adopts the ERC20 Token standard which uses Ethereum to issue Tokens, raise funds and execute its business. Humbyl Coin as a Token Like most tokens based on the ERC20 Token standard, HBL can be held, sent and received by any ERC20-compatible wallet such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, and Mist. Given an HBL contract address, these wallets will show the amount of HBL uses hold. Additionally, users can also use any public Ethereum explorer to query the HBL balance. Each transaction requires gas which is paid through Ether to the miners.

The roadmap:

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