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The problem of certified information tracking and encrypted data storage is solved!

The problem of forgery of information make necessity to create this project:
- people can deceitfully receive value; |
- loss during storage
- storage of formal information is expensive. In the transfer of securities, the human factor is still involved;
- centralization of data validation
- the monopoly of institutions on the management of valuable information: change, removal and censoring; - fake systems
- the problem is not enough for anyone obvious. But we all live in contact with systems that can deceive. And it is almost impossible to prove, because fraud is embedded in the system itself.

!!! The ENDO solution is an automated data verification service that allows to check the authenticity of brands, medicine and food manufacturers, documents, including passports, foreign passports, driving licenses, photographs of permanent, working visas, and virtually anything you can think of. ENDO is a great tool for checking of international credentials, using several best-tested data sources and allows to quickly verify the identity of the client, even on the basis of minimal information.

On the one hand, ENDO automates processes and saves time and money, and on the other – allows to accept new customers, improve the quality of service, successfully fight fraudsters and reduce the level of risk. !!!

ENDO is a Protocol that solves the problem of tracking certified information and encrypted data storage. The Endo ecosystem allows organizations and users to participate in the exchange of information and services through Endo Token.All of these system applications have one goal to create a safe and certified environment for all important data.

The ENDO project is part of the blockchain data management sector, making the opportunities countless.
In fact, ENDO does not want to create a product, but a service, able to be used with simplicity by application developers who aim to implement the “recognition” phase.

The platform creates an interface layer between the most common blockchains and applications, producing ad hoc APIs. The engine on which the platform moves consists of an autonomous blockchain which, by means of a protocol, interfaces with Bitcoin, Ethereum and, in 2019, also with smart-contracts on EOS, and therefore interacts with data storage systems safer as Dropbox and Google Drive or decentralized like Storj, IPFS, etc …

  1. The central layer is the platform, it is the core of the ecosystem that is responsible for its logic.
  2. The layer above is the application developed on the platform.
  3. Even higher is the API, the element of connecting the ecosystem with the outside world.
  4. The protocol is even higher, it plays the role of the language in which organelles of the system communicate.
  5. And the final layer - the storage, which can act any means of digital storage: from corporate servers to a simple flash drive.

Symbol: ET
Platform Ethereum (ERC20)
Accepts: LTC, ETH, BTC
Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 15,000,000 USD
Country: Singapore
Total supply 100,000,000 ET
Date Sale: Jun 20, 2018 — Aug 25, 2018 @ 66 days
Sale min volum­e: 2,100 USD
Price: 1 ET = 0.375 USD
Sale Bonus: Up to 30%


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