The future of data economy with QUADRANT

About Quadrant Protocol. It's:

- a guide providing an organized system for mapping or utilization of decentralized data.
- a blockchain-based protocol having authenticity and provenance at the heart of its ecosystem, thereby providing organized access, creation and distribution of decentralized data products and services.
- a blueprint for mapping decentralized data.

The idea: Quadrant protocol intends to create a special algorithm that will be responsible for the validity of the data. This will be implemented using a plan for mapping disparate data sources.
Thanks to this, it will also be possible to use smart contracts that will have enhanced remuneration system capabilities.

The Quadrant protocol: The network protocol has the ability to interact with disparate data. The technology of the blockade carries out the association of the community with the protocol, which in turn helps to soberly assess the situation of optimization of development. The algorithm is configured in such a way that there are no questions about the certification of data and their work capacity.

Quadrant will have the following initial features and services:

  • Data Stamping Protocol.
  • Stamp Verification.
  • Open Constellations.
  • Network Nodes and Clients.
  • Data Enhancement by Elons.
  • Public Chain Anchors.


  • Proof of Data Authenticity and Provenance.
  • Constellations for Disparate Data Sources.
  • Fair Remuneration and Incentive Sharing.
  • Availability of testnet (MVP).
  • Participating in a significant and fast-growing market (the blockchain industry).
  • Highly skilled and vastly experienced founder.
  • Ambitious idea.
  • The economic potential of the token is notable.

This is intended to be made possible through the participation of the following stakeholders:

  • Nurseries
  • Pioneers
  • Elons
  • Guardians.


Quadrant Protocol has two tokens: eQUAD and QUAD.eQUAD are placeholder ERC-20, Ethereum-based tokens that will be used until Quadrant’s mainnet is launched. Then, eQUAD will be converted to Quadrant’s native token, QUAD.(For the purposes of this analysis, we will discuss Quadrant’s token economics using QUAD, which will eventually take the place of eQUAD).

The total supply of QUAD tokens is 1,000,000,000 QUAD.40% of the tokens will be sold in the token sale, 20% will be held by the company (foundation), 20% will be for stakeholders (advisors, operations, and security), 10% will be held in reserve (network, community, and partner development), and 10% will be for the team.Team tokens will be initially locked and then vested over 5 years in monthly increments.The token sale has a soft cap of $7m and a hard cap of $20m.If the sale raises more than the soft cap, which it has as of writing, contributions will be initially locked and released over 4 years, with 40% becoming available after the end of the token sale and the remaining 60% being released yearly at an annual rate of 15%.

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