The Crowd Lending Platform: Ethic Hub

It is an investment platform that universalizes access to highly profitable positive impact projects, by directly connecting investors to projects rated by risk level. Evaluation is carried out by people in contact with borrowers, profiting only from on-time loan payments.

This project is a human one, a thing that only a few can pride off. It will help small entrepreneurs in remote places to get investment capital, easy. Today getting a seed investment or a credit is not easy for everybody.

Your credit rating is hard to be verified and thus it is a nightmare for the unbanked of the world. But now blockchain tech will solve that. Ethic Hub will employ blockchain to create a decentralized, trustworthy system.

EthicHub is the first Blockchain-based P2P crowdlending platform that globally connects lenders from low-interest markets with unbanked, yet profitable small farming communities. It has a working MVP and currently preparing for the presale.

= The platform provides access to the best investment opportunities, based on the rewards and risks that are usually found in these countries.

= Borrowers can take advantage of lower interest rates due to increased financing and take advantage of the accumulated credit history at Blockchain.

We want to make a fair distribution of the profits between the borrower and the lender. Our platform fees are only-in-success fees (except for exchange fees). These fees are used to cover insurances, local node benefits, and operative costs. The rest will be spent into development and marketing to bring lenders to the platform.

+++ For the investor, the one who looks to net a profit, Ethic Hub shall become a convenient investing platform which will provide the necessary access to projects which are highly profitable and impactful.

+++ For the producers, on the other hand, who don’t have the necessary access to financial services, Ethic Hub is going to become an easy to access crowd lending platform which will enable them to receive the necessary credits at interest rates which are convenient and affordable.

The platform will attract both people looking for seed money, as those who are looking to invest and earn interests. Both sides will benefit greatly.

It will be a lot cheaper than current systems, cutting out the middlemen, and providing a solid trustworthy system, enforced by blockchain tech. The platform will take its cut only when the deal is sealed and done.

The platform pre ICO is currently on. It started since on the 8th of February, 2018 at 13:00 UTC and it will end on the 9th of March, 2018 at 13:00 UTC.

1ETH will be equivalent to 5,000 Ethix during the pre ICO. The accepted currency is ETH. There will be bonuses for any token purchase during the pre ICO.

The 2nd Token Sale that is the main ICO and listing of Ethix Token in exchanges will be in the 3rd quarter of 2018. Ethix token delivery will end in the 4th quarter of 2018.

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