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Tachain: New smart application for the advertising and transportation industry

 The need for a system of transport that tries to eliminate some of these problems. Tachain is a project that proposes to bring a lasting solution to some of the existing problems by implementing advanced technology like marketing, supply carriers and value added services to users of the ecosystem. 

  • Tachain is a completely new blockchain based ecosystem. It provides comprehensive ad targeting system for advertisers while maintaining full security and effectiveness of a full scale transportation app. With our functionalities in play, we are in a position to steer toward our mission of providing a valid and secure blockchain based service full of fun and joy to our users. 
  • Tachain project is heavily based on blockchain and smart contracts. It allows to ensure transparency of system and strict execution of financial obligations and contract terms. Also we are going to build comprehensive IT infrastructure around blockchain to provide best possible service to our customers. 

Problems to solve:

  1. First and foremost problems come in terms of funding. The total amount of money spent on the purchase and maintenance of any means of transportation is now quite high. This has caused a rampant level of agitation made by people to see how these financial constraints can be reduced to them.
  2. There is also the problem of centralized systems of production and the use of these vehicles whether manned or unmanned. This has led to so much control both by the government and some of these vehicle manufacturers making the ownership of proper modes of transportation extremely difficult.
  3. Third party interference also in payment mode for various means of transportation is also a problem in the course of development of this business field. This disruption makes it indispensable for the development of a payment medium without any form of third-party influence. 

Components of a platform:

  • Tachain AdNet.

    Thanks to this element, owners and mobile apps can see any ad while driving alone. Advertisers will be able to pay tokens for their views. Application users can be either a taxi or a regular passenger. They will also benefit from the project. AdNet - the latest platform, allows passengers, move in taxis, watch advertisements, take part in various marketing campaigns.
  • Tachain Transportal.

    This application will have a rating system for all customers. All data and statistics in the ranking will be maintained at the expense of blockbusters.
  • Tachain TMARQ.

    This project creates an exchange of tokens themselves. To give users the opportunity to exchange tokens, TMARQ will be released, which allows applications to buy and sell tokens very quickly. When the service provider system develops, the project will grow significantly, providing rapid development of tokens.

To support the platform, Tachain uses TCHN tokens. 

Tokens can be used for all types of activities such as traveling, accessing the advertising platform, finding targeted customers, paying transportation and advertising costs, and more. 

Users have a chance to get TCHN tokens when they do something as a gift. More than 2,275,000,000 tokens are released for customers, investors, and developers. 

The token price is $ 0.01 per token and will be released from July 2018 to October 2018. So far, users can exchange tokens with ETH and BTC but in the future TCHN tokens can be exchanged for all types of cryptocurrency. 

In addition, we plan to create a Tachain Flame device that will allow getting TCHN tokens by watching targeted ads anywhere at any time. We plan to move the ad market to the next level and the TCHN token will be the cornerstone of this revolutionary ecosystem. 

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