Scavo technologies: features, ICO, token details

Introduction about a company:

  • Scavo Technologies specializes in creating a data center infrastructure for renewable resource cryptosystems that is currently very relevant.
  • Scavo Technologies offers a scalable, intelligent and environmentally friendly solution that maximizes the use of energy resources with a "zero carbon footprint".
  • The purpose of SCAVO is the construction of large-scale mining farms.


Scavo Technologies offers a scalable, intelligent, environmentally friendly solution that maximizes the use of energy resources with a "zero carbon footprint."

Currently, to deal with cryptomining is hampered by a number of problems, such as the cost of equipment, the cost of electricity, the centralization of mining declining profitability.


SCAVO Technologies has managed to establish various relationships with technology companies, manufacturers and highly qualified specialists in different parts of the world at different stages of research and development (R & D).


    At SCAVO Technologies, we firmly believe that investments in crypto sustainable mining are the most profitable option for long-term profits and that is why our proposal is to strengthen the link with investors through clear rules.

    SCAVO Technologies, besides of providing an intelligent solution to the problem of the generation and consumption of energy of the crypto mining farm, by reducing the cost of energy to its maximum expression, we make participation in the business more accessible and easier for anyone wordlwide, regardless of their knowledge and wealth.

    To reach the objectives proposed in our development, it was imperative to work on the concept of "Industry 4.0"; this is to achieve the highest degree of efficiency and automation of the possible processes for decision making. The guidelines that guide our proposal contemplate access to clean energy and at a very low cost, the use of industrial grade components for the manufacture and assembly of the different units that make up the crypto mining complex, energy efficiency and the necessary robustness to carry out the crypto mining process in the long term.

\- The SCAVO approach results in a modular solution, which makes it easily scalable.

\- It produces its own electricity using renewable energy sources, becoming self-sustainable and environmentally friendly.

\- All this goes to the profitability of the project, guaranteeing periodical payments to investors in a completely transparent and automatic manner by means of smart-contracts.

SCAVO Technologies will finance the construction of the entire system forming the mining center by seizing and distributing SCAVO tokens during the initial issue of coins (ICO).

  • The maximum amount that can be tracked throughout the ICO process (including PreICO) as the maximum target in the technical document is $ 83,600,000.
  • The minimum amount (defined as the minimum target in the technical document) is $ 500,000.

We invite everyone to buy SCAVO tokens throughout our entire ICO.

Once the mining farm is in production, all the benefits from extraction will be distributed between the owners of the tokens and the founders (who also have tokens). Investments pay dividends from the first day of operation of the farm.

The depreciation period for investors varies from three to ten months, depending on the stage in which they entered the project.

SCAVO Tokens will be reserved as follows:

8% : General Reserve Fund (contingency fund, legal advice, Research & Development).

2% : Rewards and Incentives Programs .

2% : For the Founder members and Team of SCAVO Technologies.

88% : SCAVO Tokens issued will be available for purchase during pre-sale (Pre-ICO) and sale (ICO) using the Crowdsale mechanism, which will last up to 108 days or until the maximum limit is reached, either the two that happen first.

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