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Scanetchain:“All you need is your Smartphone!”

  • Scanetchain is a decentralized project that will utilize the NEM blockchain to achieve blockchain commercialization. 

  • The beauty of the Scanetchain is that they contain the services they use and need daily in their daily lives. 

Social networking, shopping, advertising, and content services are all implemented as a blockchain platform and uses cryptocurrency as currency.

  • The platform has the vision of becoming the go-to virtual space where people can sell or buy products and content for a pre-defined fee or royalty. 

This platform is structured to ensure that products and ads can come together as a single and interlinked ecosystem that consists of various platforms. AR and the blockchain power the Scanetchain platform.

Scanetchain Is about to use the blockchain to generate a scanable market which lets users scan an actual thing using their phone camera. Form camera, consumers won’t require any different type of equipment. Since the connection is via the blockchain, access will probably be instantaneous. The AR content will be obtained via data streaming that takes place from the cloud.

  • At the core of the platform is really a hybrid of on-chain and also off-chain blockchain Which Consists of four parts:
  1. An AR advertising platforms where users can AI scan advertise anywhere at any time with an AR camera; they also get tokens as rewards for watching the ads.
  2. An AR buying system enables users utilize accumulated tokens to makes purchases of advertised products.
  3. They’re also able to use tokens to buy the content that is paid.
  4. An AR social networking that lets users bring the blockchain-based social media content offline via the scanetchain AR framework. A material distribution system created by Scanetchain which includes a automatic notarization system dependent on the NEM blockchain.
  • Cases of disconnected AR markers that can be a mediator for a disconnected domain and an online stage include:
  1. Scanetchain Photo Magnet
  2. Brand logo
  3. All sorts of Images
  4. Product
  5. Publication

  • Coin info:
  1. Token: Scanetchain
  2. Abbreviation: SWC
  3. Platform: Ethereum
  4. Accepting: ETH, BTC, XEM
  5. Total supply: CSZ
  6. 1 BTC = 89,462 SWC
  7. 1 ETH = 4,963 SWC
  8. 1 XEM = 1.7 SWC

Project Roadmap:

2017: Start Development of AR Commercial App and AR Global Platform based on NEM Blockchain2018

  • Token sale
  • Complete Development of AR Commercial App
  • Cloud Streaming Server
  • Expand Partnership for Global AR Advertising System
  • Start Business (and expand) of AR Commercial Platform in Singapore, USA, Korea, Europe, Japan, South-East/Mid-East Asia


  • Complete Development of Scanetchain™ AR Social Global Platform based on Blockchain
  • First Test Period
  • Second Test Period After Modification
  • Scanetchain Platform Global Service Grand OPEN
  • Expand Globally though BusinessAlliance
  • Establish Global Branch Successively

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