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Revolutionary proposition by SKYFchain (new blockchain)

The SKYFchain Operating Platform will provide a disruptive solution for switching global logistics industries to unmanned systems. As an independent blockchain-based Operating Platform open to all industry participants it will contain critical information for each stage of the lifecycle of a cargo robot. The operations and access to clients of SKYF drone will be used to develop and test the SKYFchain.

The team aims to set the standards for the new industry in robotic delivery in areas such as financing, manufacturing, operations, maintenance, insurance, and authorization of drones and robots in the air, on the ground and at the sea. The blockchain is a key component in SKYFchain. SKYFchain uses blockchain with built-in smart contracts to provide a trusted source of data and reasonable control over unmanned assets for clients, logistics operators, insurance and leasing companies, banks, and authorities worldwide.

Today's transport business process is driven by people. Automation for cargo robots, AIs and the development field of the IOT suggest that someday, robots can operate without being directly controlled by an individual. This will bring huge savings from the current time, about 50% of the cost of transport. Fields in freight will require investment, and investment needs insurance, management and risk control. Thus, unmanned aerial vehicles can become an asset requiring new types of regulations and business processes.

That is the SKYFchain Operating Platform. 

SKYFchain is the first blockchain based on the B2R (Business-to-Robots) platform. And SKYFT is the currency of the SKYFchain operating system.

SKYFchain Model Purpose:

  • The main purpose of SKYFchain OP is to integrate information for all market participants and to implement intelligent contracts for transactions.
  • Transactions can change in value and frequency.
  • The platform will collect commissions from each transaction.
  • All transactions will be settled in USD or other electronic funds but made in the system using the SKYFT Token.
  • SKYFT will be the local currency of the platform.
  • Only 1.2 billion tokens will be available at the ICO as a token of Ethereum ERC20.
  • This is a fixed amount for all systems. SKYFchain will test the platform using the SKYF unmanned aerial vehicle, which will then train the unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturers and integrate other unmanned aerial vehicles into the system.
  • When the robots carry cargoes at sea and the ground is born in the market.

There are several potential benefits from the SKYFchain ecosystem that you can get if you want to join their projects:

  • SKYFchain as their next SKYF drone is less expensive
  • SKYFchain is easy to operate
  • SKYFchain provides licensed operational document, software and also key electronic components
  • SKYFchain has received letters from several potential clients to their drones, so you can’t say that SKYFchain not serious about their projects and programs. If you join on this projects, you can receive many benefits from their
  • SKYFchain has the referral program that gives their users a chance to receive bonus tokens of their own referrals purchase
  • Users or investors can find their own personal referral link on their dashboard on website
  • Users also can track how many referrals registered using their link, how many referrals purchased tokens and how many tokens they received through referrals.


The price of a token: 1 Skyft = $0,065 USA
All users of the platform will make internal payments using a token. The token will also be placed on exchanges for purchase and sale.
In addition to the calculation of cargo delivery, the platform will be able to calculate the insurance, coordinate the route of the drone and take the lease of the robot drone.

Token sale:


  • Research and Development manage 45% for contractors, research and full-time salaries
  • 25% funds for marketing and platform development are to user acquisition and to build a robust marketing campaign in several languages
  • 24% for operations, business and corporate development are to grow their business via integration with various stakehoders, strategic partnerships and also partnering with other relevant objects
  • Legal and Administrative manage 6% for accounting, legal and IP protection to run SKYF platform.

The roadmap:

More details here:

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