Platform for trading all circles automatically: Get profit with HyperQuant

  • HyperQuant is a multi-functional professional platform where users can trade crypto auto currency, portfolio management and create dApps based on blockchain technology.
  • HyperQuant creation is based on AI systems, neutral networks and smart algorithms. To get real economic value from innovative technology, HyperQuant wants to build an ecosystem with tremendous growth potential.
  • HyperQuant business model is based on determining market share strategy, determining high profit zone and protecting against competitors.HyperQuant aims to build all types of business systems on a single platform that has a complex architecture. Using the SaaS model, this platform offers multifunctional solutions in an open structure, so third-party developers can develop and upgrade platforms.

Thus, HyperQuant itself is an innovative platform with many technological solutions for trading crypto currency. 


HyperQuant solves all those problems ( maximum level of risks, cryptocurrencies that can be used for investment, exchange, suitable for the exchange of digital money for Fiat, etc.) by allowing users to do trading through a mobile application and do it as safely as possible. The invested money will remain under the control of the user, so it can be transparent and it can be withdrawn at any time.

The Hyperquant Team has been dedicated to making, testing and ready to prove that this platform can be an investment place with the support of smart technologies such as:

  1. Automatic Trading Bot
  2. Assistant intelligent trading
  3. Market data storage
  4. System to develop your own trading bot
  5. System of data suppliers on trade in the market
  6. Unique smart contract in blockchain
  7. Management of intelligent orders
  8. Systems to protect value risks in Crypto trading

The most important advantages that the investors will get is a fully automated investment driven by A.I. Technology. It will give the opportunity to invest in tokens and earn even those people who do not understand anything in investments.It is enough to set how much you need to earn and what risk is acceptable, and the platform will do everything on its own.

Risk management system:

Investment and trading of crypto currency have high risk factors, which can cause unexpected big losses. Thus, for professional risk management in the crypto currency market, HyperQuant offers SaaS solutions.

Smart Contract: 

To develop an integrated protocol with advanced quality settings, HyperQuant integrates algorithmic strategies into smart contracting.

Electronic communication network:

To facilitate automated trading, the system combines all exchanges on one platform.

Strategy based on machine learning:

Machine learning is based on a model of future price estimates and historical data.counter-trends strategyif trading is done within the selected price range for different trades, following the trend of society, traders will get higher benefits. The platform's counter-strategy is based on the next position in opposite directions and significant price movements.

This awesome project needs to be realized as there is no single project has been able to do this before. HyperQuant's fully automated process will lead to a major breakthrough in the cryptocurrency trading.All of the trading operations will be conducted by the robot, where the investors will only receive the money. Therefore, investment in this ICO is highly profitable.



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