OnPolePosition (OPP) solution on WiFi community

OPP is a community-focused project that allows users worldwide access to open Wi-Fi hotspots. This project is based on the assumption that a large number of smartphone users and data are not being used on demand. After all, people will benefit from the network. The OPP peer-to-peer is a global Wi-Fi network and provides a secure access point with smart contracts.

More than 25 million users around the world on their mobile phones, some pay their preparations, and some use a postpay payment system. Most of them do not consume full bandwidth, which is a huge waste of money, and they are building a system in which these people can monetize their data and open WIFI hosts. It will be available to users who can not afford it, and anyone who is nearby will be able to access it.

How will everything work in the Open WIFI System?

The Open WIFI System team is working on creating an application that will simplify the work. If you are active for 1 hour as a host, you will receive a certain number of OPP tokens in your wallet. More than one device is also allowed, so if you have more devices, you can earn more tokens. You will see daily payments arriving at the wallet toolbar, and later you can convert these tokens into real money, for example, in US dollars.

To become part of the Open WIFI System, you just need to download the application, which will be available in September 2018. With three ways you can earn tokens; The first way is to open the application and make your device work like a hot spot, the second way to open an open WIFI system, the message is open WIFI advertisers

OPP Open WiFi Features:

  1. OPP have created a cryptocurrency token with which they will pay their WiFi Hotspot Hosts, this token can be used to make purchases on Amazon or be converted into Pounds, Euros or USD.
  2. OPP community can exchange tokens from their dashboard and use the value in a number of ways. Each time a member exchanges tokens OPP will make a commission on the transaction.
  3. Each OPP Hotspot host will select the number and frequency of advertising messages they wish to receive.
  4. These messages will take the form of “push notifications”. Hotspot users will also see advertising messages as they log on the hotspot.
  5. OPP advertisers will be billed for each push notification that they send and for each banner advert that is shown to hotspot users.

Profits from Utilizing OPEN Wifi:

  • It will be available in any location all over the world
  • It will be of high-quality, without glitches and will suit all lifestyles
  • Our Hotspot Hosts and users earnings will be calculated daily and automatically credited to their OPP wallets utilizing self-actuating astute contracts.
  • The cost is free. It only requires you downloading our app to your mobile contrivance or request a router from our website. Plug it in and earn mazuma.

Technologies behind the OPP:

  1. OPP has develop new technologies, blockchain and smart contracts in order to bring out the smooth and perfect WiFi network services as well as give the rewards via peer-to-peer system. By signing the smart contracts, OPP will pay you as the contributor in OPP network.
  2. Blockchain technology is considered as the cutting edge innovation which covers many humans life aspect like the healthcare, social media up to the agriculture and government. Blockchain has the acknowledgment as the problem solver for the age-old problem in human life. Blockchain creates the the trust less system which allow individual up to the government to have the peer-to-peer networks.
  3. Smart contracts is a transaction agreement for all parties which involved on exchange property, money, information and shares in a transparent manner. Smart contracts also have the unique ability as the self-executing contracts. All of those system is considered as the consensus basis which every business should have.

Three types of sources of income are predicted:

1 - a commission, when it changes their store, then 10% of the revenue will flow into the system, which will increase the price of the token.

2 - the affiliate marketing commission will conduct partners campaigns on its website, which will increase the price of the tokens.

3 - advertising revenue, banner and other types of ads, will add revenue to the system, which will increase the price of the token.

Token Structure:

Type of token: ERC20

Total delivery: 4.165 billion.

Operating expenses: 10%

Marketing and advertising: 50%.

Advocates and advisors: 15%

ICO Price: from $ 0.2 to $ 0.4

OPP have the primary contract when the hot spot host sharing their bandwidth.. The most efficient and transparent to handle this activity is the smart contracts. OPP will have the provision reward for the host watching the message, providing services and when the smart contracts completed until the rewards are distributed.

OPP also have the secondary contract with host on viewing advertising. When the host push messages from the advertisers, they will get reward for it. The hosts also have the privilege to choose on what kind of advertisement that they want to view.

Information about a project:

Website: https://www.oppopenwifi.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.oppopenwifi.com/oppwhite20180627.pdf?t=v6

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4713287

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OPPopenWiFi/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oppopenwifi

Telegram: https://t.me/oppopenwifi

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