New convenient social network: Monoreto

Monoreto is a mix of Instagram, SteemIT, Kickstarter, a charity platform and HQ Trivia.

  • It's a social network with monetization of likes. 
  • Monoreto is a novel platform which is empowering the potential users to make money without the help of middlemen or intermediaries.
  • When users hit like, they advertise or promote their account in the newsfeed. When you tap "like" button you send at least 5 cents in Monoreto tokens.

About a company:

  1. Monoreto is the first platform which enables to publish the advertising content in a natural environment of the social network. Hence, influencing its popularity and growth.
  2. Monoreto serves two fold purposes. One being the popularity of most liked accounts champion the newsfeed and reach to the top. Another function being the support the users get for the interesting projects as top donators.
  3. Monoreto’s smart feed gives information to potential consumers through their content. A business owner thereby gets a real return on advertising investment and his money ends up going to his favorite photographer, blogger, actor, etc.

Monoreto is a social network that:

  • Gives every user the opportunity to earn from posting photos and videos
  • Increases the significance and value of likes and improves the overall quality of content
  • Reduces the need for blogger ads as a monetization method
  • Makes fake likes and bots unprofitable

Each user of Monoreto will receive all the modern mechanisms of social networks, brought to the ideal:

  • Improved tape posts - photos and videos;
  • comments under posts for feedback from subscribers;
  • function Stories, allowing you to create a photo and 10-second video with text overlay, emoji and handwritten notes;
  • live broadcasts, giving the opportunity at any time to talk about something important to their subscribers. But the ideal user interfaces - not the main advantage of Monoreto.
  • In addition to the standard possibilities for communication and communication, each user of Monoreto gets an opportunity to earn money by managing his personal account.

You will also benefit greatly if you are involved from the beginning of this platform launch. Given the pre-ICO period that will soon take place, I strongly suggest you to get involved from the beginning. You just need to buy some Monoreto tokens called MNR. If you purchased this MNR token now, you could potentially earn an additional 50% of the token you bought.

This token runs on the base ERC20 Standard, which automatically uses blockade technology from Ethereum. But if you have other crypto money, such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Fiat currency of course. Do not miss this best chance!

Min. investment | 0.1 ETH
Accepting | ETH
Distributed in ICO | 63%
Soft cap | 200,000 USD
Hard cap | 800,000 USD

Token | MNR
Platform | Ethereum
Type | ERC20
PreICO price | 1 MNR = 0.025 USD
Price in ICO | 1 MNR = 0.05 USD
Country : Singapore, Russia
Whitelist/KYC : None

The roadmap:

Take a good look at their road map. You will understand how seriously this company is developing an app that will be booming, no need to wait for the future, maybe tomorrow this app already looks its original shape, and will make you stunned.

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