LeadRex innovation: ICO review!

  • LeadRex lead generation platform uses artificial intelligence to ensure that all your advertising campaigns target the right audience and also convinces the potential customers to purchase the product of the service.

This innovative and decentralized product makes the effort of eliminating problems that surround lead generation market such as the absence of an actual lead database, the spread of fraud, lack of comfortable interfaces, expensiveness, unable to reach the targeted audience as well as lack of transparency in cost information among others.

  • What problems can the platform solve?

Developers platform identified the top 5 challenges in the advertising field for ordinary people:

  1. Implicit formation of prices for advertising. This problem is clearly seen in the B2B sector. When a businessman comes to the advertising agency, it offers several tariffs: cheaper, more expensive, and the most expensive. It is usually not aware of what the budgets add up, but he had to settle for one of these options, often mediocre. However, in the process of price still rises to a maximum value.
  2. The high cost of customer attention. Identification of the target audience - the basis of advertising. If you have not made a correct portrait of the target audience - I think that at least half of the advertising budget has disappeared without bringing profits.
  3. The lack of control. There are lots of promotion tools, each of which requires its own analytics. This trend complicates the management of advertising campaigns and the regulation of their budgets.
  4. The increasing cost of production due to operating expenses. In the way of products from the seller to the buyer - it is waiting for a large number of intermediaries, each of which has its sights set on these products. As a result, the cost of goods to the customer increases manifold.
  5. Lack of control over the customer base. Keep track of a large audience is extremely difficult. Even with the systematic compilation of the customer base, it will always lose relevance.
    All of these advertising management complexity LeadRex are achieved by artificial intelligence and blockchain.
  • Here is an interesting system of work:

As a result, this platform targets different audience amongst them, small businesses, internet marketers, marketing agencies and advertising department employees. 

  1. These are a different degree of the audience which LeadRex do not expect to acquire the same services and pay the same amount of cash for the services. As a result, the LeadRex platform has created amazing tariffs with different packages for different audiences which will definitely meet their needs as well as budgets.
  2. LeadRex Leadership Development Platform is designed to automate as much as possible all the processes of creating and launching advertising campaigns.
  3. This platform has a friendly and intuitive interface, supported by an easy-to-understand system of interactive tips for easier research on the service.
  4. To begin using the service, each user must be registered in either the individual account or the agency office - depending on who launches the ad campaign. After registering, you must provide the most detailed information about the company profile.
  • The company offers only one kind of coins — utility tokens.

LDX are released as a tool to improve the internal economy of the project. Since the utilitarian token is used, its holders cannot receive systematic profit from it in the form of dividends, but they will have additional opportunities within LeadRex.

The LDX token is compatible with ERC20 and is intended to finance the development of the LeadRex platform and marketing activities before the project reaches the stage of self-sufficiency.

ICO details of LeadRex

+ Notification Icon: LDX

+ Payment method accepted: BTC and ETH

+ Total token supply: 135.9 million


+ Round one: 19,000,000 NDX from 24.06.2018 to 15.07.2018

+ Second round: 25 million LDX from 16.07.2018 to 06.08.2018

+ Third round: 24 million LDX from 07.08.2018 to 28.08.2018

  • The team:

Alexander Mamasidikov - Founder of LeadREX
Anton Skripka - COO LeadREX
Oleg Tarasov - CCO LeadREX
Igor Korsakov - CTO LeadREX
Abdulnosir Tursunov - LeadRex Business Development
Alexander Babushkin - SMO LeadRex
Aziz Yusupov - Art-director
Konstantin Skulkin - LeadREX support specialist
Deni Skrinnikov - PR-manager
Evgeny Efimov - LeadRex community manager
Pavel Ivanov - Manager of Bounty LeadREX

Follow links:

Website: [https://leadrex.io/]
WhitePaper: [https://leadrex.io/docs/WP_LEADREX_ENG.pdf]
Telegram: [https://t.me/LeadRex_EN]
Twitter: [https://twitter.com/leadrex]
Ann: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980476.0]

Author: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2295950]

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