Lancer Network ICO Review: FIND-MAKE-EARN-REPEAT

Lancer Network is a decentralized freelance site for advertising and promotion of crowdsale and blockchain projects. Here people interested in earning crypto currencies and businessmen who arewilling to pay for SMM and marketing services.This platform can be compared to an online labor market in the field of blockchain where users don’t need special or high qualifications to earn online.

Lancer Network provides SMM, and advertising services. However, unlike conventional automated services, work is performed by live people, not bots. Hence, Lancer network is inclined towards the workers and the work, and not entirely not only towards the people willing to give work, but also equally towards the workers and the nature of work. With the services of this platform the community is developing, the activity of the users is increasing, and the trust to the project is growing.

Admin support jobs - Worth $110 Million
Freelance Technology jobs- Worth $486 Million
Freelance design & multimedia jobs- Worth $83 Million
Freelance sales and marketing jobs- Worth $49 Million. 

The main advantages of the project:

  • The ability to easily earn. Many people spend a lot of time on the Internet, especially in social networks. Based on this, the platform will implement the monetization of the time spent on the network as follows: the user will only need to give an assessment, share, leave a review (etc.) article or video dedicated to a particular business project. Naturally, users will be awarded tokens of the project - LNW.
  • Rating system. To determine the quality of services or tasks offered by users on the platform, a rating system is implemented, which allows finding only the best employers or employees.
  • Flexible payment system. Thanks to the flexibility of the payment platform for users, many different payment methods are available for different currencies.
  • Save an affordable budget. In most cases, when opening a business, the budget allocated for its development and promotion is not enough, but on the platform of the Lancer Network it is possible to independently assign wages and working conditions for potential employees.
  • Convenience of the platform. The platform Lancer Network gives the opportunity to promote their business on all possible resources.
  • Transparency of transactions. Thanks to the principles of platform developers, the possibility of transferring funds is possible only when performing the tasks set, which makes the payment system of the platform transparent and safe.


Characteristics of the ICO:
Fundraising and the issuing of Lancer Network tokens (LNW*Conditional) are aimed at platform development, raising marketing funds, and advertising campaigns for the Lancer Network app.
LNW token is a utility-token that provides access to the platform’s operation. A total of 1 500 000 000 Lancer Network tokens will be released.
Lancer Network’s public launch and a global marketing campaign will be launched on the basis of the money collected during the ICOround. All unsold tokens will be burned.

ICO will be launched in these steps:
Private sale: 07.07.18 Number of tokens for:
Private sales 200 000 000
Softcap - $ 200,000
Hardcap - $ 1,500,000

The money will be allocated for developing the Beta-version of the platform and for the marketing preparation of the ICO seed-round. For trust and loyalty of our platform pre-sale, investors will get:
94 500 LNW for ETH in first five days of presale
91 000 LNW for ETH in second five days of presale
87 500 LNW for ETH to the end of tokens presale
ICO : 07.09.18 Number of tokens for ICO will be 880 000 000 LNW (*Conditional
Softcap - $ 800,000.
Hardcap $ 8 000,000.


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