KitToken - a revolutional platform with financial eco-system

KitToken is a Singapore-registered company that offers a utility token. 

KitToken aims to help foreign workers in Malaysia transfer money to their homes which could be in countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Afghanistan. The rates offered are cheaper compared to normal, conventional banks and PayPal. 

\- KitPay fills as a server that is included in the decentralized blockchain framework associated with settings. 

\- KitPay will allow clients to have a wallet that stores, exchanges and exchanges KitToken on every day of worldly monetary training. 

\- KitToken holder benefits from additional usage and valuation for KitToken prices. Finally, by people from the Point of Stake (POS) Scheme, KitToken holders get a share of the profits from KitToken Inc.'s business training. 

Main features of the project:

  • Secure and definite environment
  • Connects merchants and individuals
  • Low fees,fast and reliable transactions
  • Sharing of profit among holders
  • Strong asset backed business activities
  • Self-governing technology and global remittance 

How does KitPay Work?

KitPay fills in as incorporated server inside a decentralized blockchain framework in an associated with arrange. KitPay will enable clients to possess a wallet which stores, exchange and exchange KitToken in every day mundane monetary exercises. KitToken holders advantage from auxiliary use and valuation for KitToken esteem. Eventually, by betokens of a Point of Stake (POS) Scheme, KitToken holders get benefit sharing from KitToken Inc. business exercises.

1) Fast global operations:

In the present case, worldwide payment is very slow due to payment infrastructures. Kittoken will offer an alternative that allows real-time payments anywhere in the world. This will be especially useful for e-commerce and nonstock sales transactions based on fast transfers.

2) Low transaction costs:

Most of the existing payment transfer methods require high transfer fees. Most of them charge 10-20% for transfer costs. This is especially high given the unsecured nature of these transactions. KitTokens is planning to make transaction costs more suitable for sellers and traders. 

Token name : KitToken

Symbol : KIT

Decimal : 18

Cost per token : $0.05

Token count info

Total Supply : 8 Billion

For Reserve : 2.5 Billion

For sale : 3.5 Billion 

The team:

The roadmap:

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