Kakushin- a platform for innovation and innovators!

The KAKUSHIN ecosystem is the key to creating an ecosystem indispensable for Sikka, researchers, innovators, developers, inventors, and to demonstrate great potential and potential.

There are thin lines between ideas and inventions as all inventions are ideas before maturing before the breakthrough of the patented invention. If you have an idea and you want to turn it into innovation, Kakushin is an innovation and innovation platform, an ecosystem of innovation and cooperation in the intellectual property field.

The name Kakushin comes from the composit of two worlds Kaku (revolution) and Shin (innovation). As the founders of Kakushin describe they are not interesting in simply fostering slightly better product iteration. Instead they want to encourage inventors who are seeking fundamentally better ways of solving problems.

The Kakushin Exchange functions as a provider of ecological liquidity, inventors / buyers / investors (individuals or hedge funds) need to convert fictitious passwords into KKN tokens and respond. For example, a person wants to sell goods and purchase a KKN token with money.

The seller must deposit cash into his personal bank, transfer it to the service platform for Ethereum's purchase, and transfer Ethereum to another stock exchange with a pair of KKN / ETH. Ethereum on Coinbase purchase fee will be charged, as well as a fee for transferring to another exchange using Ethereum and a third fee for purchasing KKN token will be charged.

Ecosystem KAKUSHIN is key, opens opportunities and great potential, creating necessary ecosystems for search engines, researchers, innovators, developers and inventors. Ecosystem KAKUSHIN will be an ideal environment for childbirth, education and development of ideas / concepts in material and sustainable products for consumers.

This system is built from several rather important attributes:

  • A platform that provides transactions and movements of all money, and delivers liquidity to each participant system and makes exchanges and converts different currencies called Kakushin Exchange;
  • The market on which the purchase and sale of various types of intellectual property products is carried out. Also here are sold all products that are based on KKN tokens. The organization also developed a special training center, which is capable of evaluating a variety of ICO projects. Feature of this cent will focus primarily on quality environmental products and ideas.
  • A special place called Kakushin Ecosystem, where a large number of people are going to different target audiences who have not interacted before.
  • To collect the necessary investment funds, a blockage system is used. Everyone who has a worthy idea, should demonstrate it in the ecosystem, where the investor will have the opportunity to invest money in this idea. Also in this system there is an opportunity not only for the complete purchase of an idea or a project, but also the opportunity to lease it. Each buyer can use both crypto currency and Fiats to make transactions. With the help of the Kakushin exchange, it is possible to convert any currency. All potential ideas, innovations, projects will be implemented in many decentralized applications.



Personal pre-sale date: March 15 – April 30

Pre-sale date: May 1 to May 31

Key token Date of sale: June 1 to June 30

Blockchain Ethereum, ERC20

Token Ticker: KKN

Total number of tokens: 2, 400, 000, 000 KKN Purchase

method accepted: 1ETH, 1BTC, 1BCH, 1LTC, 1DASH

Delivery token: within 48 hours after purchase




KKN Token Sale Key Details

Token symbol: KKN

Type of token: ERC-20 on Ethereum blockchain

Total token supply: 2.4 billion KKN

Pre-sale token sale price: $0.03

Pre-sale start and end date: 1 May through to 31 May

Main token sale price: $0.06

Main token sale start and end date: 1 June through to 30 June 2018

Accepted payment methods: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH

Hardcap: $30 million

Softcap: $4 million



For more information please visit links below:

Website: \[http://www.kakushin.tech/\]

Whitepaper: \[http://www.kakushin.tech/V\_1.1\_Kakushin\_Ecosystem\_Whitepaper.pdf\]

Twitter: \[https://twitter.com/kakushinEco\]

Telegram: \[https://t.me/Kakushin\]

Facebook: \[https://www.facebook.com/KakushinEcosystem/\]

Author: \[https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=97952\]

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