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  • The community based system really changes how email marketing works. With this system, EMMARES try to provide an environment that will beneficial for marketers and recipients. 
  • They also provide token system, which can be received as reward by contributing to this system. The way to contribute is giving an evaluation.
  • The recipients will evaluate how good the marketing campaign that marketers do within this system. This will give recipients tokens as rewards. On the other hand, marketer that receives many good evaluations will also receive token as rewards. 
  • This will help to maintaining the quality of the marketing content from the marketers. So, there won’t be any spamming marketing or useless message and content.

How does Emmares work?

A marketer who wants to use the Emmares system pays with an EMA token in the emmares pool. It uses the system and sends an email to the target group. The buyer gets an EMA token marketed by the marketer by evaluating the incoming mail to the mailbox.

The users are asked to review sent emails in order to fulfill the feedback gap and also better working in the email marketing realm. But EMMARES doesn't leave out the feeders without a reward. The reviewers are awarded with the EMMARES coin which holds a high value in the marketplace.

The project uses the crowd intelligence and uses the reward mechanism for receiving the email marketers with the providence of quality content.The interested recipients can benefit from it hugely, as it provides with a large number of marketing opportunities. 

Just like other Blockchain-based project, EMMARES also provide token. This token can be bought from their ICO event this year. On this event, there will be 51% of total token that their team will release. You can buy it to be used later, when this system is fully launched. You also can get tokens from other method, such as opening new account and register as user of EMMARES.


  • The user benefits from the blockchain technology in the form of token rewards, for just reviewing emails consisting of interesting content.
  • The email marketers, having found a way to up their level, find a more interested audience, resulting in desired results.
  • The intelligent technological system learns the interest patterns of the user and acts accordingly.

Pre-sale will take place betw Emmares Ico Information

Pre-sale will take place be een 1 March 2018 and 15 March 2018, and the date of ICO is set for March 19, 2018 - April 19, 2018.

The total number of tokens is set at 500 million EMA. 50% of this will be sold during the ICC period.

Softcap is $ 2,000,000 Hardcap is $ 22.5 million. The price of 1 EMA token is 0.12 cents.



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