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iTrue is a new blockchain & decentralized platform for businesses

What is the uniqueness of the project?

iTrue combines the block-chain and biometric technology to improve the quality of authentication and enhance the security of the platform. Thanks iTrue users have full control over their sensitive personal data, and biometric authentication provides secure and seamless access to digital assets and even physical objects, such as a car or house.

Because iTrue provides notification that use user data, enterprises can integrate tools privacy control to their apps, thereby helping companies to comply with European rules of the GDPR. By adopting a blockchain-based approach, users and businesses are confident in a robust and scalable infrastructure where their records are safe and secure from data theft or misappropriation.


• The current centralized applications or systems which stores user’s data are susceptible to hacks and the data can be easily stolen.
• The users need to use complicated passwords while storing their data on such applications.
• The users do not get transparency in the current system as they do not get to know where their data is been used and for what purpose.
• The credit/debit cards used by almost everyone today is not safe for the environment as they are made from plastic.

Idea of solve:

ITrue's core development team has developed a comprehensive solution that addresses the gaps in how these companies use their customers' data. ITrue will enhance user authentication and privacy by combining biometric, block and sophisticated database technologies. In addition, developers will be able to directly create distributed applications in a variety of ecosystems.

  • iTrue’s blockchain-as-a-service platform enables applications to integrate authentication independent of passwords, gadgets and plastic cards — all through microservices as building blocks. But that is just one part of iTrue.
  • The ITU token brings together individual and business users into a single ecosystem with unlimited opportunities for scalability, under a decentralized platform for identification and data storage.
  • The platform itself does not sell user data. Rather, it enables users, clients, and developers to benefit from sharing and utilizing data on the platform.
  • Developers can build applications that take advantage of microservices, such as identity verification and authentication. Users are informed about each request for their data, and they are rewarded when they participate in data-sharing activities.
  • Our primary service for authentication with biometrics can be the basis of projects by third-party developers who will be able to integrate their own features and solutions into the iTrue platform.

  1. Token name: iTrue (ITU)
  2. Nominal price: 1 ITU = US$ 0,01
  3. Total amount of released tokens: 8 billion ITU
  4. All the unsold tokens: will be burnt by the smart contract
  5. Token type: ERC20
  6. Total Supply – 8 Billion ITU
  7. Soft Cap – $7.5M USD
  8. Hard Cap – $40M USD

What is itrue delivery planning?

The vision of iTrue for decentralized identity is still at an early stage. In collaboration with other vendors, iTrue is actively working on the following initiatives to provide a new wave of decentralized protocols and identity management solutions:

  • Biometric authentication-a system that recognizes the eye iris, hand veins, and facial functions with real-time detection when authenticating users to access large enterprise systems.
  • Stone Storage-a unique data storage function, in which personal information is stored separately from the transaction record and can be divided into different levels and stages. This allows users to determine which information should be shared with which party, thus fully controlling sensitive information, but still enjoying the simplicity and convenience of biometric authentication.
  • API integration-a new API for interaction between machines and people that does not require gadgets and can be used by the public, including commercial companies and new startups. The platform includes an authorized block chain with high speed of operations, certain levels of access to confidential information and the ability to build both geo-dependent and geo-independent services.


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