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Generation Trading Platform (Ubcoin ICO)

Ubcoin is by nature a trading platform where you can buy real things for your digital currency, while doing it in almost one click, which will achieve maximum convenience in this area. The full name of this project is Ubcoin Marketplace. This project is developed by the team of the leading banking application in Eastern Europe, which is called UBank. And the given trading platform becomes as though expansion of the given bank application, having entered into its structure. 

This site works with the help of blocking technology and is decentralized. At the same time, the work goes through a smart contract, which will also work to make purchases on this platform. 

 Ubcoin is a project developed by the Ubank team. This company has been operating since 2009 and already has many specific developments. So, by 2011 mobile applications NaviFon (navigation) and Utalk (messenger) have already been launched. In 2013-2014, launched a mobile application Ubank, which includes various payment services. It is more focused on the Russian market. For all the time the company has concluded a number of contracts with many banks that provide cash flow, since Ubank is not a bank. There are also agreements with companies such as Samsung, Fly, Huawei on placing the above applications in their phones by default.

Ubcoin is a mobile application with the help of which users can both sell and buy various goods using the crypto currency, namely using the internal tokens of this application - UBC. In fact, it will be a trading platform, which provides for the creation of comfortable conditions for both buyers and sellers. For each of them, convenient functions and tools will be available, such as tools for promoting advertising and targeting; Advertising statistics (Views, clicks, conversions, reviews, etc.).) and purchase statistics; sales and payment management screens; mechanism of intellectual recommendations, based on previous searches and purchase history; procurement control tools. 

\* Ecosystem for exchanging items with cryptographic violations.

We overcome the gap between encryption and the real world.

*Bulk consumer

Just sell goods and services, you can get UBC coins without mining or exchange. Easy way to be an owner of investors in cryptographic currency.

*Miners and cryptographers

Please enjoy the wealth of cryptography by purchasing real world goods and services. There is no conversion to meet the needs of money settled in digital currency with a smart contract.

*Participate in private pre-sale and receive 57% discount Participate in the whitelist 29%

The Ubcoin Platform Technical Scheme implements block chain technology for creating, managing, and manipulating encryption and token and tobacco platforms.


ICO will be held from 2 April till 27 August.Token: UBCname: UBCoin

  • 31% Reserve Pool 201 500 000 tokens max
  • 3% Community Rewards 19 500 000 tokens max
  • 4% Bounty Advisors 26 000 000 tokens max
  • 12% Team Allocation 78 000 000 tokens max
  • 45% Public Placement (ICO) 292 500 000 tokens max
  • 5% Limited Private Pre-Sale 32 500 000 tokens max.


March -May 2018

• Conduct Limited Private Pre-Sale and Token Sale

June 2018

• Ubcoin Marketplace beta developed for existing Ubank app

Aug 2018

• Larger development team is formed

• Smart-contract platform developed beta

• Support & veribication team formed

Sept 2018

• Beta-testing of MVP through existing app distribution channels

with leading smartphone manufacturers

4 Q 2018

• MVP launched in Eastern Europe

• Basic KYC framework developed

1 Q 2019

• Full version of the app launched in Eastern Europe

• App distribution agreements extended to additional regions

• Open API developed Beta

2 Q 2019

• Launch in the Middle East and South Korea

• AI-screening developed Beta

3 Q 2019

• Launch in Southeast Asia and South Asia

• Open API made available to developers

4 Q 2019

• Launch in Latin America

• Full AI-screening tool rolled out

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