Future Technologies: How They Help Realize Your Dream?

Problem & Solution:

  • Even Blockchain platforms are promising autonomous, pending purchases of critical critical technologies that have not yet been offered.
  • What exactly is needed to fulfill a challenging job to make this kind of stage? Difficulties that have been resolved since the beginning are your inability to purchase critical products and services critically due to demands to add to scientific and research habits, or governmental limitations.

Eternal Trust can actually become a blockchain platform that enables automatic, pending purchases from emerging Institutions and some other providers that are not offered.

A platform where people can choose attractive dreams for automatic future fulfilment:

1. Eternal Trusts Tokens serve as a fuel that helps automatically fulfil our clients’ goals.

2. Eternal Trusts Token is the currency of our platform, which also functions as a “Kickstarter” for biotech products and services.

3. Biotech projects built on our platform will also use our tokens to sell their products and services.

4. Eternal Trusts will also use tokens to purchase the services required by our clients, generating liquidity in emerging markets.

Steps of work:

  1. First things first, it starts with the clients contacting the Eternal Trusts platform. This is where the global objective is set. That being said, it is not like the platform will proceed with any objectives from any client right after that. There is the KYC-AML procedure that the clients have to pass first. Without passing this procedure, you can’t expect the platform to help you with no condition at all. You don’t have to worry though. KYC-AML procedure should not be difficult to pass.
  2. The Eternal Trusts doesn’t make things difficult for us. Once you pass the procedure, you will need to acquire desired number of the Eternal Trusts currency. You will be in the need of the token in many steps of the procedure after all. After you have done them all, the platform will make the legal infrastructure to fulfill your dream in exchange of the Fiat paid to them. Besides the infrastructure, the platform will make sure to create the draft smart contract in exchange of the tokens paid to them as well. Now, the global objective is all ready and you can move on to the very next step.

Once the global objective is set, the next step to do is to break it down into components. You don’t have to worry about anything though. The advisers of the platform will do this for you with the help of independent contractors. More than one component is necessary for the purpose you can find in the next step. So, let the platform do its job to break your objective into milestones. These elements of the objective will later lead you to the realization of the dream. In fact, it is the faster way of doing so and we are not supposed to ignore this.

-Choosing biomaterial for storage
-Choosing a contractor for storage services storage
-All assets are transferred to heirs

-The Biotechnology Supervisory Board, which consists of prominent industry experts, issues recommendations on how to store biomaterials and the most suitable contractors.

-Choosing a contractor for the task.We create individual purpose-tailored discretionary trusts for the target objectives and prohibits of the redistribution of funds among heirs.

Finalized Smart Contract Is Executed

Upon the execution of the contract, payment must be made for the provider of the services that help the realization of client’s dream. You don’t have to worry since this is not for client to do.The platform is the one that will perform the payment on your behalf. For this payment, the Eternal Trusts will have the choice to pay the provider with Fiat, Eternal Trust Token, or crypto currency.

Token ETT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 ETT = 0.01 USD
Price in ICO 1 ETT = 0.021 USD
BONUS Pre-Sale 50%
Tokens for sale 1,950,000,000

  • The team members in this platform are not people with no experience at all. Experienced people sure know what’s best to do for every need.
  • They have upper hand since they practically have experienced it before. So, the platform makes sure to recruit such persons.
  • You will find that its members have experience in investment banking industry, establishment of trust legislation, asset management, biomedical contractor relations, and many more. You can expect no less from the ET.


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