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FTEC Network- Intelligence Trading Revolution

 FTEC is an intelligent services ecosystem and a neural system to conduct effective trading activities in the advanced money advertise. 

FTEC creates a new ecosystem for cryptocurrency trading. They combine neural networks and intelligent services to enable traders to have effective strategies for cryptocurrency trading. They want to build tools that anyone can use to help create more effective and profitable trades. 

The entire FTEC ecosystem will comprise of fifteen distinct solutions. Solution is designed to improve trading efficiency, spare time, enhance exchanging systems, limit risks, receive data about current trends, and learn trade specifications.

The mission of the FTEC is to reduce the quantity of non- professional traders and transform any beginner who lacks any skills to high-level merchants by creating an integrated ecosystem that will contain all the tools necessary for any training user, experience, and knowledge in crypto industry. 

Traders and investors to link in the field of membership networks with the FTEC blockchain system and apply the use of limits with risks on submissions and collect with possible returns to earn better on precision and follow as manage plans with similar or similar systems and strategies and collect into special wallet for withdrawal request.

With custom templates merchants to place details with initials as a reference checking level to manage as collection limits with preset counts as completing the use of targets in running terms with trading on crtypo finance.

The CoinBot feature offers the merchant to manage the session with discussion as referring to each personal selection of the system as a reference strategy to work on appeal as closing trade with minimum risk and more good resources with good readiness from FTEC developers .

Different from each with an analytic signal system from the technical model of different users to go as far as traders to manage at a better cost on managing the use of tasks with evaluation and improving work with the system as it goes in the details of market preferences as the goal area.

Developers FTEC manages with the opportunity as a client to take advantage of an offer that occupies use with a choice of different functional features to help as maximize performance with trading jobs as traders may work on decisions in lieu of the use of systematic strategies and follow the latter for achieve and collect good returns with an entrance in the field with a crypto financial exchange market.

The team will receive no more than 7% of the total number of tokens partially each month after 12 months since the end of main crowdsale. The team allocated the most part – 85% – of the total number of 2 stages of sale (848,64 million).

The pre sale will last 27 days, starting from 11/04/2018 14:00 GMT + 00 until 08/05/2018 14:00 GMT + 00. The number of tokens available for purchase at the pre-sale stage is 99,840,000. Soft cap on Pre-sale is 2000 ETH - Hard cap in 4000 ETH.

The sale of the token will continue for 23 days, starting from 29/05/2018 14:00 GMT + 00 until 21/06/2018 14:00 GMT + 00. The number of tokens available for purchase during the sale of Tokens is 748,800,000.

The funds raised during all sale stages will be divided: 10% on pre-sale, 75% on token sales, 7% for team, 3% for gift & advisory and 2% for air drops.

Information about the team:



July: Ideology, teambuilding, setting a technical task, architecture development for database.

August: Template design development, signal subscription mode, 2FA connection.

September: Development of candlestick classifier, Orderbook analyzer.

October: Creating a new logo, redesign

November: Creating a blog, algorithms for intelligent trading modules.

December: Decision tree architecture, Bittrex API connection, Poloniex, automatic API checking, affiliate program development.


January: Connecting the Binance API, Kraken, a support department was created.

February: Updating the payment system, fixing bugs. 

March: Landing creation, White Paper, preparation of documentation

April: Pre-sale, interview-sessions, advertising campaign. Report.

May: Token Sale, full-fledged development. Report

June: Summing up, connecting the API of new exchanges, creating Telegram Assistant, Adaptive Social Assistant, Arbitrage Assistant, Telegram Assistant, staff expanding. Report.

July: Mobile App, Service of Trader’s Behavioral Analysis, statistics collection. Report.

August: Exchange Order Management Module, interaction testing with other modules, Price Notification Module. Report.

September: Development of network architecture, Analyzer of the News Background, materials collection and tests for Cryptoacademy, the launch of a full-scale marketing campaign. RoadMap update. Report.

October: Anomalous Volume Dynamics Analyzer. Report.

November: Roadmap update, Cryptoacademy, Global Price Analyzer. Report.

December: Module for Cryptocurrency Portfolios Management. Report.


January: Desktop App. Report.

February: Global testing, RoadMap update. Report.

March: Trading Recommendation Platform. Report.

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