Decentralized market for smart bets between individuals

  • Bettium is in fact a project that implements an office of a bookmaker. The beauty of this project is that it is built on an excellent decentralized platform. The technology on which the project is based is called blocking.
  • Many people know, but thanks to this technology, users do not have to worry about the falsification of data. Because this is not realistic. In addition, smart contracts are also involved, which realize all transactions relating to the payment of your profits.

  • Bettium is a decentralized analytical platform for P2P bets supported by AI with Big Data capabilities and a number of unique features previously unavailable in the betting industry.
  • The platform will serve both amateurs and betting professionals in an integrated ecosystem based on blockchain with all the associated benefits: unprecedented decentralization, reliability, transparency, scalability and performance.
  • Bettium will really equalize between professionals and amateurs by providing all users with the same capabilities and the same professional class tools, such as the built-in AIS (“Merlin”) assistant platform, which will not only process Big Data and helps users make educated decisions, but also allows to automatically execute their own betting strategies.
  • Those who prefer to rely on professional expertise will be able to subscribe to expert forecasts, imitate their bets or even entrust fully bets to fund managers at a small cost. The transparency and security of such relationships will be ensured by smart contracts and facilitated with a ranking system that allows users to assess expert skills.

Way of work:

Bettium build also addresses issues of trust, scalability and the omnipresence of the invisible barrier behind which the casino typically wins most hands. Rather than funnel the gaming public through a betting system controlled by a single third party looking to profit more than the players, by building a peer to peer platform, Bettium is enabling a large number of gamers who place sports bets around the world. The developers speak of “unprecedented flexibility and reliability.” and the construct is a subtle but still substantial departure from the norm that should appeal to millions in the community.

Token Type: Utility

  • Symbol: BETT,
  • Private Sale: June 1-30, 2018,
  • Pre-Sale: July 1-7,
  • Token Sale: July 2018,
  • Token Supply: 1 billion,
  • Soft Cap: $7.5 million,
  • Hard Cap: 30 million,
  • Price: 1 BETT = $0.05,

A total of one billion tokens will be minted. As a cryptosphere startup, acceptable currencies to Bettium for buying in are BTC, ETH, and XEM.

Supply 1 000 000 000 BETT
Ethereum — ERC20.

The BETT token has several important functions. First and foremost, it is the primary betting currency for the platform. It also acts as the means of payment for any subscription or service marketed on the platform. In addition, tokens will make up the prize pool in tournaments. The Bettium token, thus, has real utility to the users of the platform.

7.5% of the total tokens will be sold during a private sale. Another 7.5% will be sold during a pre-sale for whitelisted users. 5% of tokens will used in bonus and referral campaigns. 2% of the tokens will be used for a bounty rewards program. 40% of the tokens will be sold during the public initial coin offering. The remaining coins will be distributed among project founders, team members, and advisors, or placed in a reserve fund.The funds they raise will go toward platform development, research, legal support, tournaments, and marketing, with the majority of funds going to platform development (40%).


  • Ben Marrel -BDO
  • Nathan Hunt -CEO
  • Brian Bellerose – Legal Officer
  • Ron Lewin -Executive Manager of Business and Technology Strategy
  • Sheldon Bennett – Bridge Analyst
  • Alex Kamilov -CTO
  • And Hunt -Software Engineer
  • Alice Douglas -Investor Relations & Community Manager
  • Edgard Luque -Full Stack Developer


  • Peiwei Ni -Chairman and CEO of Super Block
  • Alexandru Radulescu -Crypto Market Advisor
  • Gary Fowler -Co-Founder and CEO Findo
  • Maury G -Strategic Advisor -APAC.


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