Creating A Virtual Universe with Blockchain Power – VIARIUM PLATFORM

VIARIUM is a virtual reality platform for selling goods and services using internal tokens and traditional fiat money. Sell your goods, create trading floors, launch showrooms and displays, build your own universe.

Earn money and share new opportunities with the world.

VIARIUM platform is a decentralized network; virtual worlds are hosted in it. It is created and developed by the forces of our team and world hosters. The core resources for creating VIARIUM are server capacity and software, by virtue of which the space can be created for building VR architecture.

Viarium is a platform that combines a network of virtual space and augmented reality for the sale of goods and services.
Viarium uses blockhain for a few purposes:

  1. Copyrights protection of the content.
  2. Building a decentralized network that performs work on transcoding, storage and the delivery of a signal.
  3. To trace the history of content and history of publication.
  4. To create an award system for partner nodes-participants of network.


  • Users get instant access to hundreds of thousands of goods either from home or a VIARIUM “islet” at physical access points throughout the world.
  • Customers can pay for goods both with internal VRX platform tokens or fiat money.
  • In the future, the VR technologies will ensure tactile sensations in virtual space.
  • Businesses have their lease, payroll, logistic and tax costs reduced, and save time while increasing traffic.
  • No space limits exist in a virtual world. Thus the platform users are spared from excessive autocratic costs such as commercial cargo customs clearance or entry visas for travelling abroad.
  • Customers can satisfy their demand for products from any point worldwide while saving their money and time. Business owners can increase net profit by reducing their costs.
  • Customer base will grow due to access to a wider consumer audience.
  • Users will be able to enjoy noncommercial goods such as, for example, objects of art, in any corner of the world. People will be able to share their inventions, collectors’ goods and other items in the comfort of their home.

- The platform will be available for the global community where businesses and individual swill be able to develop and sell their own virtual worlds, the platform will provide the tools and market lowering the barriers to entry and operational costs.

- The platform has various benefits and I will try and outlay some of them in this segment, while we are adopting this new technology business will be able to reduce their operational costs and though available tools thanks to VIARIUM Platform. Individuals and businesses will be able to create their virtual worlds in a secure Viarium core network and be able to monetize them easily though the provided tools.

  1. Business owners can easily create and develop sales outlets in the virtual space with the help of ready-made tools. Reduce the cost of rent, wages and logistics, decrease tax base, save time while boosting traffic.
  2. Users will get instant access to hundreds of thousands of products, visit virtual shopping centers and make purchases without leaving the comfort of their home. You just need to log in to the Viarium platform through a browser on your computer or put on VR glasses for full immersion experience.
  3. Developers of VR content/3D models can find jobs directly on the Viarium platform. To do this, you just need to publish your work samples in the marketplace where a potential customer will be able to appreciate the quality of work. Or you can offer "live" view of objects/buildings/models you created in the Genesis Land or other worlds.

  • Total Supply: 250 000 000 VRX
  • Token Name: VIARIUM (VRX)
  • Token price: 1 VRX = $0,05
  • Soft-cap: $1 000 000
  • Hard-cap: $5 000 000



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