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TV networks around the world are abusing their market power as gatekeepers to increase prices for advertisers, lower payouts to content creators and drive up subscription costs for consumers. They actively hinder innovation in content delivery and advertising technology in order to sustain their oligopolistic position and benefits. Many consumers are rightfully frustrated with the state of broadcast television. They enjoy the lean-back nature of a fixed program schedule, but would like to see more premium content personalized to their viewing patterns and interests. 

At the same time, tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix are looking to build their walled garden around the television ecosystem, eager to acquire more power through data and access to consumers. TV-TWO offers the community a solution in form of an Open Platform for those who are curious about cutting the cord.  


TV-TWO is divided into two layers. The first layer, which is entered after starting the application, consists of the broadcast signal with all standard TV functionalities. The second layer, reached via pressing Enter on the remote control, displays the personalized video stream.

For the first launch of the application, an onboarding is displayed to explain the basic functionality. After that, starting the application directly leads the user to the first layer — the current channel displayed in the TV window. While the viewing experience is unchanged, Hbb banner ads that are sold by TV networks are hidden for the user. Occasionally, a reminder on how to enter the TV-TWO video stream is displayed. The user has the following navigation options inside the first layer of the application:

  • Guide displays the program guide, the return to the application is performed once the guide is closed
  • Channel List displays the channel list, the return to the application is performed once the channel list is closed
  • Channel Up/Down allows to tune up and down, while showing the TV window with channel information
  • 0–9 allow to jump to a distinct channel number directly
  • Right on the D-pad minimizes messages from TV-TWO
  • Return/Exit closes the application
  • Enter allows to switch between the broadcast TV layer and the video stream layer.

How it works?

Stage 1: Install the TV-TWO usage of your Smart TV.

Stage 2: Synchronize your wallet from your TV set with various contraptions.

Stage 3: see the convey and your redid video stream.

Stage 4: Check the markers that you have assembled.

Stage 5: Exchange your chips for air, bitcoin or Fiat. 

Token sale:

Token Supply for public sale :75% = 500,000,000 TTV

Team (3-year vesting): 15% = 100,000,000 TTV

Supporters and Advisors: 6% = 40,000,000 TTV

Campaigns: 4% = 26,666,666.7 TTV

Rate public sale : 1 ETH = 10,000 TTV or (1 TTV = 0.0001 ETH), add bonus up 20%

Soft Cap 2,500 ETH;

Hard Cap 50,000 ETH.




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