Community Network Empowerment: TITA project

A Universal trading platform - TITA:  a decentralized Network for Globally Traded Commodities & Finished Goods.

Features of a project:

  1. The TITA, which works on the decentralized database platform for commodities exchange, has also been designed for tracking goods globally, information storage services and acts as a financial agent to provide micro-credit services.
  2. The TITA token will be referred to as “TITA” and will be issued to serve as fuel for the ecosystem and as a form of exchanging on the platform to give incentives to users, to encourage trade and to build a trustless platform (escrow) to facilitate market activities, provide databases for producers, manufacturers, suppliers and other agents in the supply chain circle.It will also be used as the staking unit for selecting block producers, as well as a single medium to pay for costs incurred by the TITA Network.
  3. The use of robotic API’s is implemented to enable automatic and semi-automatic trade executions for users.

The TITA Network - which powered by the Blockchain and the use of Smart contracts. The TITA Network's ecosystem (TITA CENTRE and TITA EXCHANGE) will be driving to Increase the Efficiency of the Supply Chain of finished or unfinished goods, Bridges Asset Investments diversifies risk in the commodity Market and provides enhanced financing for producing communities and sensitize trade hubs. 

TITA SYSTEM: A decentralized network designed to operate like an e-commerce marketplace where Raw Materials and their finished products intersect with their respective producers, buyers, sellers, suppliers, distributors, and other agents of trade. This will give users good product visibility and ensuring that high-quality standards, transparency, and transaction ease are met with the use of smart contracts and the power of the blockchain technology. 

TITA EXCHANGE: A decentralized commodity trading exchange designed to provide robust trading services due to real-time connections with various commodity global trading floors around the world thus giving the best possible prices and user experience for a trading futures contract. The use of robotic API’s is implemented to enable automatic and semi-automatic trade executions for users. 

 TITA project will:

  • Identify obstacles which prevent information technology and particularly information from achieving its potential impact
  • Provide our basic and grassroots models in incorporating the producing communities into our ecosystem.
  • Stabilize the telecentre
  • Developed points of expertise within communities
  • Develop relationships with a successful and innovative organization within the region.
  • Keep driving to achieve self-reliance.


Hard Cap: 87,500,000 TTN

Soft Cap:5,000,000 TTN

Total supply: 250,000,000 TTN


Max circulating supply: 87,500,000 TTN

Tokens for sale: 87,400,000 TTN

Token price:$0.1 USD

Technical specifications: ERC20 token

Token sale date: July 27th 2018

Token sale time:13:00 UTC

Sale duration:2 months (or once hard cap is reached) 

Token distribution:


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