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What Casper API?
Casper enables users to upload random files to a cloud service, and access them later from any device. Casper API is a framework venture for enormous information storage on the blockchain, which permits to build a file storage (photographs, video, audio, text files and 3D models), to arrange the ideal courses of content delivery (CDN), to store reinforcements, to work with corporate data storage. It is the fastest way to ensure your DApp stores data, i.e., video, photo, audio, text etc. It is implemented by joint effort of a variety of providers, which provide their hard drives and internet-channels for storing and transferring your files.

Casper's API provides an infrastructure for storing data compatible on any Blockchain platform with intelligent contract capabilities, where documents, photos, videos, 3D models and audio files can be stored. **


Under this system created by CASPER API the creation of new DApps can connect users and suppliers directly without the need for an intermediary and thus increase the potential for success due to the acceptance of any Blockchain technology through intelligent contracts giving value to the Blockchain market. An important feature is that free space providers create intelligent contracts that initiate the search for customers among ecosystem participants. When the user is found and the files are loaded into the storage, the automatic debiting of the customer's deposit payment begins. Storage is cheaper because the payment includes the amount of downloads, the less frequently the user accesses the files, the cheaper the cost of decentralized storage.

The project also offers:

  • High-speed access to decentralized file storage
  • Security at the corporate level: confidential transactions through a private channel using a cryptographic protocol similar to Lightning Network.
  • Data protection: each file is stored by 4 independent storage capacity providers.

Decentralized applications are developed because they are safe and reliable. That's why the information storage platform is based on the blockchain. The principle of data distribution will be based on various providers providing their free disk space and information transfer channels. In addition, the Casper platform will be of interest not only to developers and organizations of DApps, but also to ordinary users who want to store their personal information with a high degree of reliability.


  • Token CST
  • PreICO Price 1 CST = 0.08 USD
  • Price 1 CST = 0.16 USD
  • MVP/Prototype Available
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, BTC
  • Soft cap 6,700,000 USD
  • Hard cap 26 200 000 USD
  • RaiseD $1,040,000
  • Country Russia
  • Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas USA.


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